Uncover the Story Behind Big Video Data

The opportunity to analyze large amounts of video data is enormous. Cities can predict and improve traffic flows. Stores can display merchandise in more compelling ways. Airports can reduce wait times.

Centralizing video storage makes it easier to access these big data sets, and clears the way for using video analytics and producing actionable results.

See why your 'big data' customers need the Enterprise Capacity HDD for centralized video monitoring.

Video Tracking, Motion Analysis and Video Analytics

Centralized Video Monitoring and HD Video Storage:

Big Data: The Building Blocks for Video Content Analysis

Big Data: The Building Blocks for Video Content Analysis

Video analytics tools use video data collected over time to solve real-world problems. By analyzing big data sets stored in centralized bulk storage systems, information can be quickly and intelligently assessed to predict future patterns and behaviors.

Learn how Security Gets Smarter With Intelligent Surveillance Systems.

    Bulk video storage demands the Seagate Enterprise Capacity HDD:

  • Creates “always-on,” bulk storage for large enterprises that value both HD video and data analytics.
  • Delivers reliable, fast access to stored content for consistent, high-performance data analytics.
  • Supports storing larger amounts of video for extended periods of time.

Centralized Surveillance Systems: Massive Capacity and Easy Integration

For large enterprise surveillance systems employing both video monitoring and data analytics, the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD offers a powerful, scalable solution:

Highly efficient, rack density of 152TB per square foot.

Seagate PowerChoice options offer maximum power savings in a 24x7 environment.

Available in SAS or SATA interface for greater reliability.

SED functionality allows fast, secure drive erasures for datacenter security.

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