X8 Accelerator Drivers and Utilities (version 3.2.1) for Ubuntu version 12.04

Release Notes

The Seagate X8 Accelerator requires a kernel driver and management utilities for each supported operating system release. The Ubuntu version 12.04 drivers for all of the supported kernels are found below in the .zip file along with the management utilities.


All of the above drivers are included in this download. Simply download the .zip file, navigate to the drivers you need, then discard the rest. See the X8 Accelerator Linux User Guide for further installation details and options.


    Step 1

    Download the file to your desktop.

  • Step 2

    Extract the .zip file to an easily-accessible location.

  • Step 3

    Run the install.sh script on the system with the installed X8 Accelerator to install the driver and utilities.

Software Version:3.2.1