Maxtor OneTouch MacOS X Driver Update

The onetouch_os_x_update_sept04_2003.pkg.sit is a self-extracting file containing an updated FireWire driver needed for use with Maxtor OneTouch drives in a MacOS X (versions 10.2.7 and newer) environment.

Release Notes

Users have identified issues when connecting OneTouch drives to FireWire ports on Mac G4 and/or G5 computers. These problems range from system hangs or kernel panics to slow data transfer rates. The cause of these problems has been traced back to the FireWire driver. Seagate has resolved these problems through this update.


  • Step 1

    Download onetouch_os_x_update_sept04_2003.pkg.sit from this page.

  • Step 2

    Extract onetouch_os_x_update_sept04_2003.pkg.sit to your Mac Desktop.

    Upon extraction, the OneTouch OS X UpSep 04 2003.pkg package appears.

  • Step 3

    Double-click on the OneTouch OS X UpSep 04 2003.pkg file.

  • Step 4

    Authenticate with the appropriate name, password, or phrase and click OK.

  • Step 5

    The Welcome Screen appears. Click on the Continue button.

  • Step 6

    Select a destination for the update (e.g., Macintosh Hard Disk) and click on the Continue button.

  • Step 7

    When prompted, click on the Install button to start the update.

  • Step 8

    A warning will appear, informing you that the system will need to be restarted after the update. Click on the Continue Installation button to proceed.

    Step 9

    When finished, click on the Restart button.