Maxtor OneTouch Drive USB/Win98SE Driver

The onetouch_win98se_usb_driver.exe is a self-extracting file containing the USB drivers needed for use with the Maxtor OneTouch drive in a Windows 98SE (Second Edition) environment.


  • Step 1

    Download onetouch_win98se_usb_driver.exe from this page.

  • Step 2

    Extract onetouch_win98se_usb_driver.exe to the desktop of the computer to which the Maxtor OneTouch drive is connected. Upon extraction, the OneTouch_USB directory will be created on your system. 

  • Step 3

    Shut down your computer and connect the Maxtor OneTouch drive to an available USB port on your computer. Once connected, restart the computer.

  • Step 4

    After Windows 98SE starts, the Add New Hardware Wizard box will appear. Click the Next > button to continue.

  • Step 5

    On the next page, select "Search for the best driver for your device..." and click the Next > button to continue.

  • Step 6

    On the next page, check the "Specify a location:" checkbox and click on the Browse... button.

  • Step 7

    In the Browse for Folder window, locate the OneTouch_USB directory and click the OK button.

  • Step 8

    Click on the Next > button to accept the selection of the driver. The path will vary depending on the location of the file. At this point, the Maxtor OneTouch software driver will load on your Windows 98SE computer.

  • Step 9

    To complete the installation, click on the Finish button and restart your Windows 98SE computer.

    Step 10

    When finished, the Add New Hardware Wizard will appear for a second time. Repeat Steps 1-9 to install the Storage Adapter Bridge Module.