Personal Storage 3100 Diagnostic Utility

This utility will test the hard drive contained in a Personal Storage 3100 device. Seagate recommends downloading and running this utility prior to contacting Customer Support for assistance.


  • Step 1

    Download and extract PS3100_DIAG.EXE to the computer to which you connect the Personal Storage to. Seagate suggests that you extract the file to the C:\> drive.

  • Step 2

    Browse to the C:\PS3100_Diag folder and double-click on the 3100_diagnostic.exe file. This will launch the diagnostic tool.

  • Step 3

    Click on the Short Test button to perform the diagnostic test on the drive. Test time(s) may vary.

    Step 4

    When finished click Exit. If the word "Pass" is displayed, the drive is functional and no defects were found. If an error code is generated, please contact Support for further assistance.