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See our most frequently asked questions about GoFlex Net network hard drives.

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GoFlex Net - Sign In and Sign Out via the Web User Interface

Follow these instructions to log in and out of your GoFlex Net through the Web User Interface.

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GoFlex Net - Correct Process for Disconnecting Drives

Any external drive connected to the GoFlex Net should be safely removed before you disconnect the drive. Failure to safely remove the drive before disconnecting could lead to data or partition corruption.

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GoFlex Net - LED lights codes

The light on the front of the network adapter provides information about its current state and notifies you when you have a message from the service.

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GoFlex Net - How To Enable Windows File Sharing (WFS) Through the Web UI

Windows File sharing (WFS) allows you to share FreeAgent GoFlex Net content with others locally on your network without the need of the Pogoplug Service.

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