India Warranty Claim Validation Process

Warranty Validation: We will validate every warranty claim through visual, mechanical, and functional testing.


Replacement Drives: After a drive passes the warranty validation process, we will provide a replacement drive.  The replacement will be a refurbished drive with a similar capacity as the original. We are not obligated to provide a new drive or a higher-capacity drive. The turnaround time for your replacement is approximately 2 weeks; but if no replacement drive is immediately available, your turn-around time may be longer. Your original drive will not be returned.


Non-Warranty Claims: We do not provide replacement drives for non-warranty claims. If a drive is discovered to be ineligible for warranty service, then the claim will be rejected and we will notify you of the rejection. The following are examples of drives ineligible for warranty service:


- No defect found (no defect in material or workmanship)
- Tampered or misused (dropped; shocked; mishandled; subjected to improper operation; modified or damaged internally or externally)
- Electrical overstress (drive subjected to improper voltage or current)
- Not sold by a Seagate Authorized Distributor in India (return your drive to the original place of purchase)
- Out-of-warranty, expired, or voided warranty (please check your drive's warranty status at


Seagate will make rejected drives available for collection from Seagate at your own cost and risk. You must collect the rejected drive within 30 days after notification, or the drive will be scrapped without further notice. If the drive is discovered to have been tampered or misused in a manner that voids the warranty, then the drive will be identified as having a voided warranty within Seagate’s records.