STEP 1. Perform Warranty Check (3 WAYS TO DO THE CHECKING)

1. Visit the Seagate website

2. Visit the nearest Seacare centre or call the Seacare toll free lines 1800 425 4535

3. Call Seagate Technical Support


STEP 2. Visit the India web page.


STEP 3. Read the Seagate warranty statement.


STEP 4. Find out if the drive is under warranty returns. Check the Seagate warranty void checklist.


STEP 5. Validate the drive using SeaTools.


STEP 6. Do a proper packaging and follow the shipping instructions.


STEP 7. Proceed to our nearest Seacare location.


Note: Pre-registration is required for first time user:

- To register visit

- Call Seacare toll free lines for Help. Seacare toll free lines : 1800 425 4535

- Go to the point of purchase for products not sold through India Authorized distributors

- Contact Seagate Technical Support for technical issues or send an email to our Seagate Call Center

- Replacement drives will be kept at the Seacare centre for 30 days only after notification is sent out. After which Seagate may choose to return the drives back to Chennai. Any future collection, the customer will need to bear the shipping cost and risk


1. Read and acknowledge Terms and Conditions.


2. Receive a call ID upon completion of registration. (This is to speed up the process for your next visit)


3. Seacare will conduct VMI (Visual Mechanical Inspection) on your drive before accepting it.


4. Seacare will issue a receipt acknowledgement upon accepting your drive(s).


5. Seacare will send SMS / Text messages or email notices when the drive is invalid claim or ready for collection (after our validation process).