Seagate's Sdrive App for Remote Access

Seagate's Sdrive App for Remote Access

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Get your business-critical files from any device. Anywhere. Anytime. With Seagate’s Sdrive

The days of having all employees working on-site and during business hours are a thing of the past. Today, the workforce is more dynamic than ever, and people need to perform their day-to-day tasks increasingly on the go. Whether they’re waiting at the airport to catch a flight, sitting at their hotel’s breakfast bar during a business trip or simply working from their kitchen table at midnight, employees need to be able to connect remotely like never before.

That’s why Seagate created Sdrive, the easiest, most intuitive way to connect all your employees to the files, documents, and data on your NAS Server. Available for PC and Mac, the Sdrive app makes accessing your files as easy as using an external drive. It really is that simple. Just click on the Sdrive icon on your computer and you’ll have access to the entire capacity of your Seagate NAS server anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can drag-and-drop files, or search for that particular file and open it directly with its native application. And of course you can get secure access to your files via your smartphone and tablet as well.

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Sdrive’s advantages versus other remote access services:

Seagate’s Sdrive no time iconUnlike most remote access services that either ask you to go to a web browser to download content or wait for software to sync, Sdrive gives you direct access to your files. No syncing, no waiting.  And there is no NEW interface to learn. Just your files and your folders.
Seagate’s Sdrive no storage iconBecause of its direct access, Sdrive doesn’t take up any capacity on your computer.
Seagate’s Sdrive secure iconBetter security. Sdrive files are encrypted before they leave your NAS device, so they’re always protected when traveling over the Net. And Seagate never stores login credentials. They are created by your computer and sent directly to the NAS device.
Seagate’s Sdrive one time cost iconOther remote sharing offerings require monthly payments. Sdrive is available for a low, one-time cost.

In essence, Sdrive gives you a private cloud inside your office. Sdrive also retains the best features of a private network, including easy set up and total control over your settings, security, and privacy, and all at way faster than Internet speeds while in the office. In fact, to ensure your files are secure in transit over the Internet, Sdrive employs government grade, AES 256-bit encryption for security, meaning no one but the user with the right encryption key can access the data.

Let’s take a look at what this means for a small business owner.

With Seagate’s Sdrive infographic

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