Iguazio and Lyve Cloud

Deploy machine learning models to access real-time recommendations, prevent fraud, and predict failures.

The Lyve Cloud and Iguazio solution advantage.

Building, deploying, and maintaining an AI application can be difficult and, sometimes, impossible. The Iguazio MLOps Platform combined with Lyve® Cloud helps businesses simplify the adoption of machine learning efforts by making it quicker and easier to develop, deploy, and manage AI applications at scale and in real time.

Accelerate Time to Insights

Deploy operations up to 12× faster thanks to always-on data availability and streamlined processes.

Reduce Spend

Save on TCO by up to 70% through shared resources, efficient utilization, and simplified platform functionality.

Experience Multicloud Freedom

Seamlessly move and deploy data across public and private clouds with zero egress or API charges.

Ensure Top Security

Leverage data access policies, role-based access control, active directory integration, and cloud platform certifications like ISO 27001 and SOC 2.

When insights can’t wait.

Our data storage experts are here to help you drastically shorten the time it takes to turn AI data into real business value.

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