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Lyve Cloud for Startups

Scale your business with powerful object storage built by industry leaders.

Lyve Cloud for Startups

Scale Up Your Startup

Got loads of data but tired of spending all your budget on the public cloud? Scale up with Seagate, the world’s leader in data-storage innovation.

Connect with data experts

As a program member, you’ll gain access to a team of data experts who can answer any questions that arise regarding your Lyve Cloud storage.

Boost your startup’s exposure

Get new eyes on your products and innovations when Seagate posts startup success stories like yours on the Lyve Labs blog.

Grow with the community

Gain access to networking and mentoring opportunities, collaborative co-working spaces, and membership in a community of innovators and problem solvers.

Featured Partners

We partner with the industry’s best to bring startups game-changing solutions.

Efficient Cloud

Reduce the cost and complexity of your cloud deployments.

Lyve Cloud makes it easy and cost-effective to store data. Efficient Cloud makes it easy and cost-effective to use that data. For startups using Lyve Cloud, Efficient Cloud offers:

  • Cross-cloud data imports
  • Faster uploads
  • A content delivery network
  • AI services, including speech recognition, image recognition, and synthetic data 
  • Conversion services, including video transcoding and file conversion
  • Security services, including privacy and virus scans

Efficient Cloud is proud to offer startups, non-profits, and eligible enterprises up to $5,000 in credit to make the most of Lyve Cloud. Credits are valid for up to 12 months. Terms and conditions apply.

Equinix Bare Metal as a Service

Leverage a supercharged network with automated infrastructure.

Equinix helps startups and organizations unleash a new level of Kubernetes performance so that you can optimize your network and easily deploy and manage hyper-converged infrastructure globally.

Equinix offers businesses participating in the Lyve Cloud for Startups program:

  • Credit for Equinix Metal infrastructure up to $100,000
  • Real-time guidance and support 
  • Co-marketing efforts, including live streams and events
  • Exposure to Equinix's ecosystem of over 10,000 customers

Current Participants

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your startup must be located in either of the following locations:
    • Israel (and have a U.S. entity)
    • Singapore
    • United States

From drone users to automotive companies to media and entertainment teams, Lyve Cloud is designed for data-driven businesses. If your startup relies on data and you want to scale up and collaborate with Seagate’s Innovation Center or just to cut your cloud costs, feel free to apply!

Nope, in fact you'll receive up to 1PB of free Lyve Cloud storage for a year with lots of opportunities to collaborate with Seagate.

No. With Lyve Cloud for Startups, you can use compute, analytics, or any other public cloud resource without issue. You can also use credits from one of our partners.

Want to Learn More?

We love helping startups unlock the power of their data. More details about the Seagate Lyve Cloud for Startups program can be found on the Lyve Labs section of our website.