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Let’s Rethink Data

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Rethink Data: Put more of your business data to work—from edge to cloud.​

Data holds tremendous value, but enterprises are struggling to unlock its potential. Join our first-ever Seagate Datasphere virtual event for resources, connections, and to learn about our latest innovations to level up your mass data management. With technology deep dives and lively panel talks led by proven experts, Seagate Datasphere delivers powerful and practical strategies for building the future of data.

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Here’s what to expect.

Join the Experts

Through engaging panel discussions and tactical deep dives, industry pros examine one of the biggest challenges faced by enterprises: how can we put more of our data to work?

Learn Proven Strategies

Gain insight on how top organizations are planning for the data boom of tomorrow and tapping into the gold mine of data they have today.

Discover New Solutions

See for yourself how data’s growing economic value is inspiring cutting-edge solutions to help you store and manage it.

Executive Session: Part 1

Let’s Talk Data Management Strategy

IDC sits down with Seagate CIO Ravi Naik and other industry experts to examine why 68% of enterprise data currently goes unused and what we can do to capture, store, and activate more of it.

Executive Session: Part 2

We’re Evolving to Help You Succeed

CEO Dave Mosley and VP Ken Claffey unveil how Seagate’s shift in strategy and solutions is poised to help enterprises profitably tackle exponential data growth. Also weighing in will be experts from RISC-V International and Github as we explore harmonization between open source software and hardware.

Deep Dive Sessions

Some people store data. Others live and breathe it. We’re excited to bring you industry trailblazers who fall in the second category to share must-know research, news, and tactics for overcoming challenges in edge-to-cloud environments.

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Smarter Data Management

What’s Causing Data Sprawl—and How to Manage It

Understand how and where your data is gaining in volume so you can develop smarter management strategies.

Edge-Based Insights

Growing the Edge with Open Architectures

Discover the open hardware architectures that are driving an emerging edge ecosystem.

Data Done Right

An Introduction to Seagate Systems and Flagship Solutions

Put more of your business data to work with enterprise storage system product announcements from Seagate.

High-Volume Transfer

Putting Massive Data in Motion with UPS and Lyve Drive

Explore our new process for moving massive amounts of data in the fastest, most cost-effective, and secure way.