StorSimple Solution Family

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Key Features & Benefits

StorSimple hybrid cloud storage (HCS) solutions integrate enterprise iSCSI SAN storage featuring SSDs, HDDs, data tiering, snapshots, inline deduplication, compression and encryption with cloud storage.

Storage consolidation

StorSimple HCS consolidates multiple types of storage and processes, including primary, backup, archive and off-site storage into a single cloud-integrated solution.

Hybrid cloud tiering

Storage capacity is expanded incrementally using cloud storage for data protection and data that has become inactive.

Automated off-site data protection

Data protection is completely automated with cloud snapshots that store backup data off-site in the cloud.

Thin disaster recovery and DR testing

Disaster recovery (DR) operations download only the data needed by applications and users, enabling fast DR and non-disruptive DR testing.

Secure data storage

StorSimple applies AES-256 encryption for all data transferred and stored in the cloud using a private key that is known only to customers.

Lower overall storage costs

By integrating cloud storage with on-premises storage, StorSimple reduces total storage costs (TCO) by 40-60%.

Hybrid cloud storage increases IT agility

Hybrid Cloud Storage from StorSimple uses cloud storage as a low-cost online storage tier for inactive data and automated data protection. Instead of needing separate storage products with different management interfaces and tools for primary storage, archive storage, backup, and disaster recovery, StorSimple customers manage storage and data with a single hybrid storage solution. With hybrid cloud tiering providing dynamic storage expansion, IT administrators no longer have to worry about running out of capacity and having to unexpectedly upgrade their storage systems. StorSimple automated provisioning, tiering and data protection eliminates many hours of administrative work per week, enabling the IT team to spend more time on deploying and managing applications that the business needs.

Top use cases for StorSimple

Using industry standard iSCSI to connect to servers, StorSimple devices provide the benefits of hybrid cloud storage to customers running Windows Server, Hyper-V, Linux and VMware environments. StorSimple solutions excel at lowering the cost of storage for datasets where there is a significant amount of inactive data such as

  1. File servers
  2. Document management
  3. SharePoint
  4. Archiving
  5. Virtual environments with VM sprawl
  6. 8000 series arrays are also used with tier2/3 departmental databases