IT 4.0 is here.
Is your business ready?

The next stage in the data storage evolution has arrived. The brave new world of IT 4.0 is how Industry 4.0—the fourth wave of industrial revolution—disrupts the way we use data.

What is IT 4.0?

The edge. AI. 5G. Machine-to-machine communications. IT 4.0 looms large.

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IT 4.0 Solutions

Extract maximum value from your data. Find out how Seagate can help.

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Lyve Labs

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What Is IT 4.0?

Let’s take a look at how the data industry got here—and at the business opportunities IT 4.0 enables.


IT 1.0

Clunky by today’s standards, the beginning of the Data Age means that mainframe computers and basic software language begin to mediate information. We realize the potential of digital data.


IT 2.0

The first wave of significant data growth takes place. PCs and client-server workstations provide direct access to data. Most data in this paradigm is local and just stored—not activated.


IT 3.0

Mobile and cloud computing are key here. Data grows to PB scale thanks to intelligent apps, which send info to the cloud for backup and analysis. But data is not fully harnessed for business intelligence.


IT 4.0

The new era means data that is active, not passive. AI is used for prediction. IoT data is analyzed and acted upon near the network’s edge. 5G bandwidth enables massive growth of M2M communications.

Explore IT 4.0

The Edge: Transform Data From Passive to Active

More and more data needs real-time processing and action near where it is created—close to the edge of the network, away from the core. It’s the crux of IT 4.0. Are you ready to accelerate toward the business of tomorrow?


Data at the Edge

Managing and Activating Information in a Distributed World

Every business is sitting on a gold mine, often untapped—its own data. The unprecedented way in which we create and act upon data at the edge is unlocking new value. In order to keep growing, businesses must take advantage of the new edge–powered opportunities. In a groundbreaking report on data at the edge, Seagate and Vapor IO describe the new ecosystem—and what it means for enterprises.




Inside Seagate Edge RX

The future of smart manufacturing is here. Find out how Seagate’s deep learning endeavor is moving smart manufacturing from autonomous to intelligent. Learn about the reference architecture that supports Seagate's AI edge platform—and what it can do to detect anomalies and boost quality in factories.



Lyve Labs

Standard IT infrastructure does not enable an efficient and unified approach to data. Industry leaders need seamless, unified technology solutions. That’s why our partners turn to Lyve Labs. An incubator for innovative end-to-end solutions, Lyve helps our partners extract the most value from data.

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