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Our Approach To Global Citizenship

Seagate’s Global Citizenship program establishes the company’s corporate social responsibility strategies, ensures adherence to laws, ethical standards and international norms and embraces responsibility for how the company’s activities affect stakeholders.

The mission of our Global Citizenship program is to drive socially responsible and sustainable business practices consistent with corporate values and to provide assurance to management and stakeholders that such practices are managed effectively.

The Global Citizenship program is directed through a team of cross-functional leaders that is accountable to executive management. This team meets on a regular basis to:

  • Monitor changes in societal expectations
  • Develop strategies that drive organizational change
  • Report progress on annual program improvement goals
  • Support ongoing implementation of the Global Citizenship program

Issue-specific work groups analyze and recommend solutions for emerging issues.

Seagate’s Senior Vice President of Business Excellence serves as the executive sponsor of the Global Citizenship program and the Sustainability organization provides functional leadership.