1. What is Seagate's Company's stock symbol (ticker)?

2. What exchange does Seagate's stock trade on?
National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ).

3. When was Seagate's initial public offering (IPO)?
December 11, 2002.

4. What is Seagate's equity CUSIP number?
Seagate's equity CUSIP number is G7945M 107.

5. How can I buy and sell shares of Seagate stock?
Any purchases or sales of Seagate stock can be made through a brokerage service of your choice.

6. Does Seagate offer a direct purchase plan or a dividend reinvestment plan?
Seagate currently does not offer a direct stock purchase or a dividend reinvestment plan.

7. Who is Seagate's transfer agent?
Computershare Trust Company, Inc.
Please contact our transfer agent if you have general questions regarding stock certificates, transfer of ownership, dividend withholding tax, etc.

8. How do I contact Seagate Investor Relations?
View our Seagate Investor Relations contact information here.

9. How do I obtain financial information about Seagate?
Financial information about Seagate can be found in the Quarterly Earnings and SEC Filings section of our Investors website.

10. When is Seagate's fiscal year?
Seagate’s fiscal year is typically from end of June and ends in June the following year.

11. Who are Seagate's independent accountants?
Ernst & Young, LLP.

12. Where can I find information on Seagate’s Board of Directors and Executive team?
Information can be found in the Governance section of our Investors website.

13. Is the dividend subject to the Irish Dividend Withholding Tax?
Click here for more information on the Irish Dividend Withholding Tax.