Customs Clearance Documentation



Supplier, including its agents, employees, and representatives (“Supplier”) must provide customs documentation (sometimes referred to as a “proforma invoice”, “customs invoice” or “commercial invoice”) to facilitate customs clearance (“Supplier’s Customs Documentation”). Supplier’s Customs Documentation must be in English and must include the following information: 

1. Shipping Information

  • Invoice number and shipment number; 
  • Seagate purchase order number;
  • Manufacturer name, address, and Manufacturer registration number; 
  • Seller name and address; 
  • Ship to party name, and address; 
  • Ship to contact name and address; 
  • Bill to party name and address; 
  • Container stuffing location (for ocean shipments); 
  • Consolidator (Stuffer) name and address (for ocean shipments); 
  • Incoterm and named place (as referenced on contract and/or PO); and
  • Shipment gross weight.

2. Product Information

  • Description of Product and generic term by which each item is commonly known; 
  • Product quantities and the corresponding weights – the information must be sufficiently detailed to enable identification and matching of Product in the shipment against line items on the shipping invoice.
      • quantity of Product per each individual package or box, 
      • number of packages or boxes
  • Seagate part number; 
  • Unit of measure; 
  • Product country of origin (place of manufacture) by part and quantity; 
  • FDA accession number, if any; 
  • Each page must be numbered, preferably in the following format: X of Y pages; 
  • Product net weight; 
  • Manufacturer’s Name and Address for textile products(if applicable); 
  • Product classification information including:
    • Harmonized Tariff Schedule number (up to the sixth digit); 
    • U.S. Export Control Classification Number and its subheading (“ECCN”), or equivalent; 
    • U.S. Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System number (“CCATS” number, if applicable); 
    • U.S. export or re-export license number and expiration date or equivalent (if applicable); and
    • U.S. License Exception designator, or equivalent (if applicable).

3. Pricing Information

  • Unit and extended purchase price and type of currency; 
  • Total purchase price and terms of payment – Software purchases must indicate both full purchase price of the software & value of delivery method, e.g., CD-ROM, download.  
  • All "free of charge" items must have a fair market value listed for Customs purposes; and 
  • Any assists such as dies, molds, tools, engineering work  
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