zCompute Terms and Conditions


Company accepts the additional terms related to Zadara Services as set out in the Zadara URLs below (“Zadara Services Terms”):








Solely as to Zadara Services, if there is any conflict between the provisions of the Agreement and the Zadara Services Terms, then the provisions of the Zadara Services Terms will govern, except as to the subscription period, fees and payment. If Seagate has granted Company any rights as to Zadara Services that Zadara does not grant to Company in the Zadara Services Terms, or that conflict with the Zadara Services Terms, then Company’s sole recourse with respect to such rights is against the Seagate. However, if Seagate fails to pay Zadara any amounts due in connection with Company’s use of the Zadara Services, then Zadara may upon notice to Company, suspend Company’s rights to use the Zadara Services without liability, or request that the fees for the Zadara Services will be paid directly to Zadara or its designee. Company agrees that Company’s remedy in the event of such suspension is solely against the Seagate. Zadara will be an intended third-party beneficiary of the Agreement as to Zadara Services only, with the right to enforce provisions of the Agreement regarding with Seagate and to verify Company's compliance therewith.