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Shares: Access and Transfer Files


About default shares


A share is a network volume that you can configure to store and share data. Your Seagate NAS has two shares by default: admin and Public. Following the initial login, the share admin will change to the name used by the administrator. For example, if the administrator changes the default login from “admin” to “John”, the share admin will become John.


The following table sums up the differences between private and public shares:

Type Accessibility Login Availability Default share
Private Login and password required. Password-protected Computers on the network and remote access (must be enabled) admin or user defined
Public Available to any user on the network None Computers on the network and remote access (must be enabled) Public


For instructions on how to create and manage shares, see Shares.


Access shares


You have several options for accessing shares.


Option 1: Seagate Network Assistant - Quick access to shares

Use Seagate Network Assistant for quick access to public shares. See Quick Access for details.


Option 2: Seagate Network Assistant - Authenticate for private shares

Use Seagate Network Assistant to enter your username and password. See Authenticate Private Shares for details.


Option 3: Operating System

Use your operating system to open your NAS's shares.



In an Explorer window address field, type \\[machine name] or \\[IP address]]. Alternatively, from the Start menu, select Run then type \\[machine name] or \\[IP address]]. Choose OK.


Note on Bonjour: If your Windows computer is running Bonjour, the address name must include .local. For example, \\[machine name].local.



  1. From the desktop, navigate to Go > Connect to Server.
  2. In the dialogue window, type one of the following:
  3. afp://[machine name].local
    smb://[machine name].local
    afp://[IP address]
    smb://[IP address].