Lyve Client Software User Manual
Lyve Client Software User Manual

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Use the Dashboard to view notifications relating to Lyve Mobile devices connected to the host computer. Dashboard information includes:

  • Device connection types.
  • Drive capacities and statuses.
  • Import activities and progress.
  • Event dates and timestamps.

Viewing devices on the Dashboard

Lyve Client automatically adds devices for inclusion in Lyve Client workflows and device management. To view device details, hover your cursor over a device card and click on the Inspect icon.

 This is a shortcut to clicking on the Devices tab and viewing device details.

Creating a workflow

A workflow is a set of rules that allow you to automate file imports from one device to another. It can be invoked manually or automatically to start a data activity such as moving, copying, and deleting files. To create a workflow, click on the Continue icon at the top of the Dashboard.

 This is a shortcut to clicking on the Workflows tab and creating a new workflow.

Viewing activities on the Dashboard

To view details of workflow activities, hover your cursor over an activity card and click on the Inspect icon.

Dashboard notifications


Activity Notification
Connection lost [device] connection lost
Copy - in progress, complete Copy from [source volume] to [destination volume]
Delete - in progress, complete Delete files from [source volume]
Device added [device] was added
Device connected [device] connected
Device disconnected [device] disconnected
Device locked [device] locked
Device unlocked [device] unlocked
Tag - in progress, complete Tag files from [source volume]


Activity Notification
Initialization RAID Initialization, [device]
Maintenance RAID Maintenance, [device]
Rebuild RAID Rebuild, [device]
Warning Array Failed, [device]


Activity Notification
Workflow actions finished [workflow name] actions finished
Workflow created [workflow name] was created
Workflow deleted [workflow name] was deleted
Workflow edited [workflow name] was edited
Workflow in progress [workflow name] underway
Workflow turned on [workflow name] was turned on
Workflow turned off [workflow name] was turned of

Workflow triggers

Activity Notification
Workflow trigger - automatic [workflow name] trigger set to automatic
Workflow trigger - manual [workflow name] trigger set to manual
Workflow trigger - prompt [workflow name] trigger set to prompt
Workflow trigger - scheduled [workflow name] trigger set to scheduled