May 07, 2009

Seagate FreeAgent External Hard Drives Enable Acclaimed Taiwanese Musician's Award-Winning Compositions

Giong Lin, an acclaimed and highly respected musician in Taiwan who has produced numerous award-winning compositions, considers Seagate® FreeAgent® drives integral to his orchestra of tools for musical creation.

Lin, known as a passionate musician with out-of-the-box creativity, has always been a pioneer in introducing new elements and instilling new life in Taiwanese music. Best characterized as bold, liberal and unique, Lin’s music often challenges the mainstream. In a music career of over 20 years, Lin has released numerous albums and composed film scores, which have earned national recognition in Taiwan, including three Golden Horse Awards for Best Original Film Score and Best Original Film Song, and one Golden Melody Award for Best Crossover Album. In 2006, Lin’s work in an advertisement for the Taiwan National Palace Museum received a MUSE award by the American Association of Museums for outstanding achievement in the promotional/marketing category.

In creating and archiving his work, Lin’s music collection grows quickly in file size. “The process of creating digital music involves large files, and storing and moving these files present a problem,” admits Lin. “When I go on tours, I need to take my music with me but it always worries me that I would lose all my music due to a computer malfunction.”

Lin’s troubles went away when he adopted Seagate FreeAgent storage solutions.

Using the latest FreeAgent | XTreme™ external drive, with 1.5TB storage capacity and eSATA rapid transfer interface, Lin no longer worries about losing his work because he can now perform routine backups of his music collection. Lin adds, “With the Seagate® FreeAgent | XTreme™ drive, it only takes me a few minutes to safely store the music library that is critical to my work.”

When Lin needs to share or access data on the go, he relies on his trusted Seagate® FreeAgent | Go™ portable drive. Whether it is giving presentations at meetings or recording his spontaneous musical inspiration, Lin uses the ultra slim FreeAgent | Go drive. “My Seagate FreeAgent | Go drive blends an elegant design with practical mobility,” says Lin. “It really frees me from my desktop computer and allows me to take my music with me wherever I go. The docking station impresses me the most. It is practical and saves me the hassle of fiddling with cables; I simply place it on the docking station and right away, I can retrieve my data.”

“Seagate FreeAgent drives are easy to use and really help me streamline my work process, I couldn’t be happier,” states Lin.

Rex Dong, country manager of Taiwan, Seagate Technology is thrilled that Seagate storage solutions are an integral part of Lin’s work. Dong comments, “Seagate FreeAgent drives provide large storage capacity, rapid eSATA data transfer speeds and stylish designs that help professionals like Lin to effectively manage their precious digital content. Seagate has always been a leader in providing cutting edge storage solutions and will continue to innovate and create new products to meet consumer needs.”

FreeAgent | Go Drive
A compact, pocket-sized storage drive that packs a punch—the Seagate FreeAgent | Go drive is the slimmest external drive available today. It ships in four color options (red, blue, silver and black) and has 250GB, 320GB and 500GB options. It is now available in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

FreeAgent | Go Dock and Case
Protection for those on the go and a docking station for convenient and quick access to your files, these accessories for the FreeAgent Go™ drive are sold separately. The dock and case are available in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

FreeAgent | XTreme Drive
Designed for performance, especially for those who work with high-definition video and graphic files, the Seagate FreeAgent | XTreme drive is the perfect fit. The FreeAgent | XTreme drive delivers a 3GB per second transfer rate with the eSATA connection. This drive also includes FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 connection options. The FreeAgent | XTreme drive is available worldwide for 1TB and 1.5TB.

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