Feb 19, 2008

Seagate Helps Top Chinese Photographers Capture Life at Beijing's National Olympic Stadium

BEIJING - Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX) has recently provided Digi-life, one of China’s top photography and lifestyle publications, with its FreeAgent™ Pro digital storage solutions and Barracuda® 7200.11 desktop hard disc drives, in support of its Beijing Olympics photo shoot. Digi-life gathered together some of China’s most prominent photographers to take pictures of the new National Stadium, which will soon be opened to the public.

In addition to recording the building progress, thousands of construction workers who have been engaged in the building of the National Stadium also had their photographs taken to record their work and life on the site. The photos were used to help connect them with loved ones living far away, by providing messages of hope and inspiration for the forth-coming Chinese New Year holidays. Among those taking part in this endeavor are national celebrity photographer Li Shaobai, renowned photographer Huang Qikun and editor-in-chief of Digi-Life Lu Jing.

Up Close and Personal with the “Bird’s Nest”
Construction of the National Stadium, affectionately nicknamed the “Bird’s Nest,” started on December 24, 2003 and will be finished in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics in August. A marvelous architectural masterpiece, the Bird’s Nest covers 258,000 square meters and will hold over 90,000 people. It is visually dramatic, blending modern steel construction with forms found in nature.

Digi-Life’s famous photographers were allowed to take pictures of the Bird’s Nest from multiple angles in order to capture, first-hand, the ongoing progress for its readers, who have been closely following the amazing build-up around Beijing for the upcoming Olympic Games.

Digi-Life’s editor-in-chief, Mr. Lu Jing, who is also a highly regarded photographer, led the shoot. After a long day of photographing the Bird’s Nest, he commented that Seagate’s FreeAgent Pro 750G storage solutions made for a convenient and reliable shoot. “In order to capture the highest quality images of the stadium’s design, I chose a high-definition shooting mode, which makes each photo dozens of MBs in size. Seagate’s FreeAgent Pro storage solution served as a trustworthy helper and alleviated my concerns about having enough capacity,” he said. “I was very excited and honored to be able to shoot the stadium while under construction to show our readers the incredible progress being made.”

As a professional photographer, Lu Jing travels quite a lot, which prevents him from connecting regularly with his colleagues. However, with the FreeAgent Pro system’s online storage component, he can share his work experiences and photo production with his colleagues whenever and wherever he may be.

Builders of China’s Olympic Dream
The construction of the Bird’s Nest has involved hundreds of thousands of workers, with an average of 3,300 workers added every month. When the final rivet is in place and the stadium is completed, most of the construction workers would have moved on to other construction sites, and would have no mementoes to mark their efforts in this huge and historically significant undertaking. One goal of the photo shoot was to give the builders of China’s Olympic “miracle” the respect they richly deserve for their hard work.

Most of the construction workers have lived away from their homes for the entire year in order to complete the building of the stadium in time for the Beijing Olympics. Moreover, they would not be reunited with their families until the Chinese New Year in February. Digilife providing photos of the workers to their families was an appreciated aspect if this program.

“Photographing the workers at the stadium, I was inspired by their strength, dedication and determination. In addition to photos showing how the construction workers toiled, we did some extra shots and short videos of every worker’s daily life, and we selected the best of the shots and videos for their families,” said Lu Jing. “Tens of thousands of photos and videos were saved for further editing with Seagate® storage solutions, whose performance is really sterling and second to none.”

Mr. Banseng Teh, Seagate’s vice president and Asia-Pacific managing director commented, “It’s Seagate’s honor to have supplied support for this moving tribute to the hundreds of thousands of workers providing the backbone of China’s Olympic Games. We hope this effort generates excitement around the National Stadium, and helps document the many unknown and unsung heroes behind this mammoth project.”

FreeAgent Pro
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