Sep 16, 2009

Seagate And Synchrotron Light Research Institute (SLRI) Debut 'The 6th Siam Photon Science Camp'

Seagate Technology (Thailand) Limited and Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization) today announced they will jointly launch the 6th Siam Photon Science Camp. The camp provides university students with opportunities to participate in a series of hands-on research projects, learn about synchrotron light technology from top-ranking scientists, as well as the application of such technology in the production of hard disk drives. This camp will equip participants with relevant knowledge helpful to pursue careers as scientists and researchers in the future.

“The Siam Photon Science Camp will focus primarily on encouraging university students to understand the role of science and technology for the country’s ongoing development,” said Associate Professor Dr. Weerapong Pairsuwan, the executive board and the director of the Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization). “The camp is also aimed at developing engineering skills in synchrotron technology, and promoting cooperation on various research projects with local universities.”

“We are confident that this will strengthen the cooperation among synchrotron light users in the future,” added Dr. Weerapong.

The Siam Photon Science Camp will be held on October 19 – 23 at the Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization) in Nakorn Ratchasima province. The camp will welcome 60 Thai junior and senior students and/or master’s degree students studying in the science and engineering fields. These university students will learn about synchrotron light, beam lines and linear accelerator technology, and have the opportunity to take part in the study tour at Seagate Technology (Thailand) Limited, Korat plant.

“Seagate is appreciative of Synchrotron Light Research Institute for giving us the opportunity to assist in the transfer valuable knowledge to students and to educate them on the science and production of hard disk drives,” said Mr. Peerapol Wilaiwongstien, vice president of Korat Operations, Seagate Technology (Thailand) Limited. “This science camp also promotes cooperation between government and private sectors, and will develop excellence in science and technology education and new innovation in synchrotron technology.”

Feedback from camp participants of the past five camps has been “very positive,” said Dr. Weerapong, especially in terms of the exchange of ideas among participants and the country’s leading scientists. Participants will also have the opportunity to access real concepts about the synchrotron light production processes and take part in the research projects using various parameters according to their field of interests.

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