Sep 12, 2008

Seagate® EE25 Series™ Hard Drive Supports Everest Expedition

Seagate, the world’s leading manufacturer of hard disk drives (HDD) and storage solutions announced that its HDDs played an important role in the media coverage of Japanese professional skier Mr. Yuichiro Miura’s successful Mt. Everest expedition.

Seagate provided the Sankei Newspaper cameraman, Mr. Yosuke Hayasaka, with 80GB EE25.2 Series™ 2.5-inch HDDs developed for use in extreme environments to help him save, share and protect images and reports of the expedition for a captivated audience back in Japan. Withstanding extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration and other harsh environmental conditions at the 17,500-feet (5,300-meter) Base Camp for the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest, the HDDs installed in two notebook computers operated without a hitch.

On the morning of May 26, 75 year-old Mr. Miura, the renowned professional skier, successfully achieved his goal of reaching the Everest summit. Mr. Hayasaka, a cameraman accompanying Mr. Miura’s party, was entrusted with the role of keeping the Japanese readership informed of the day-to-day activities of the 80-day expedition. A long-range shot of the moment the party reached the summit was taken from Kala Pattar, which was published on the front page of the national Sankei Newspaper evening issue on the same day.

“I had heard from alpinists that in environments such as Mt. Everest, about half of all normal HDDs stop working, resulting in the loss of valuable data,” Mr. Hayasaka said. “So I looked around for a robust hard drive. The Seagate® HDDs operated without any problems despite the adverse conditions such as extreme temperature difference of up to 50°C between day and night and the low air pressure down to 530hPa. Thanks to the Seagate HDDs, I was able to store, access and send the valuable photo data of the Everest Trail, the party’s climbing scenes, and the moment of the summit, and immediately report to the audience in Japan on a daily basis.”

Mr. Hayasaka added that the laptops equipped with Seagate EE25.2 Series HDDs faced more than just high altitude. He said: “It’s not just a matter of being able to withstand temperature, humidity and altitude. Vibration caused by rough handling and mica-bearing dust can also be fatal for precision devices. I was impressed that the hard drives actually operated without a hitch under extreme conditions during the expedition, which was my most important requirement when selecting the equipment. The fact that the EE25.2 drives overcame such obstacles demonstrates that Seagate’s emphasis on reliability and durability is reflected in the design of its products.”

About EE25.2 Series
The second-generation Seagate EE25 Series drive provides affordable, rugged digital storage with high reliability, in capacities up to 80GB, with full operating capability from –30°C to +85°C and 2-G vibration robustness from 5 to 500Hz, at altitudes from –1000 to 16,400 feet. The EE25.2 Series drive, available in native PATA and SATA configurations, helps avoid the high costs of solid-state storage. The world of rugged storage is expanding quickly; take advantage of the growth with this extreme-environment hard drive.

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