Nov 18, 2008

Seagate's Slimmest Designs Are A Runway Success With Top Chinese Fashion Designers

It isn’t often that the slimmest design in the IT world inspires the fashion industry, but the new line of FreeAgent® external hard drives from Seagate have done just that. In a first of its kind fashion event, hosted with the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, the cutting-edge designs from Seagate provide inspiration for a complete runway collection of garments and fashion accessories. From bold design swirls, intricate layering and dazzling rhinestones, the clothing collection proved a sure hit with the audience that attended the “Life is Creation” fashion show in the Chinese capital.

“Every moment can inspire my creativity and the FreeAgent Go storage solutions with their trendy colours and sleek looks certainly fuel my design passion,” said Lyla Lu, a renowned fashion designer and high-flier from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. “They are as slim as an ornament or an accessory, easy to carry and they allow me to match with different clothing, occasions and even my emotions.”

“It allows me to create wherever a computer is available,” added Lu. “I was so excited about storing all of my award-winning fashion designs on the FreeAgent drives. The light appears to “breathe” when the drive is active, and softly fades upon entering sleep mode. I find Seagate’s products to be of great quality and highly reliable.”

The latest product from Seagate inspired Lu to create the “Seagate FreeAgent series” clothing collection, utilizing the Seagate logo to signify the concept of storage, and the eye-catching lighting on the latest product to symbolize “the miracles of storage devices.”

The clothing and accessories are filled with many FreeAgent product elements, all of which are delightfully eye-catching features of the new FreeAgent solutions. Lu and other designers used silky and shiny fabrics, adding weathered treatment and embossment, and partly adorned with rhinestones, to signify the “sparkling lights” on the new product. The venue of the fashion show was themed with a sapphire colour and sparkling lights to set off a mysterious environment and a strong feeling of massive storage, thus representing the perfect integration of the Seagate product and artistry.

“There is no limitation to design and creativity,” said Lu. “Seagate’s latest products perfectly integrate advanced storage technology with an elegant finish and stylish design. My award-winning pieces share with Seagate’s storage products the perfect integration of interior quality and artistic exterior. In fact, one should not judge fashion by appearance alone, but also on the important components of technical features and quality.”

Seagate’s distinguished technology for storage and for creation Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard drives are fashionable IT gadgets as well as technologically advanced storage solutions. The design integrates a trendy appearance and colours, including a passionate red, classic blue, elegant silver and artistic black. The portable drive can be used with a range of digital devices, and also is the best adornment for fashion on any occasion.

“Even for people who are not designers, there is always room for creativity such as DIY pictures, photos, lively videos and even your own songs. The Seagate FreeAgent 2.0 portable hard drive helps with this creativity by allowing us to easily store our artistic creations,” Lu said.

Banseng Teh, vice president and managing director of Seagate, Asia Pacific said, “Seagate FreeAgent solutions will help transform our lifestyle. The FreeAgent Desk and Xtreme external hard drives could be our home and office companions for high-speed storage. Meanwhile, the world’s slimmest FreeAgent Go portable hard drives could easily be slipped into our pockets and bags. This means we no longer need to carry a bulky laptop, but still have the flexibility to be creative anywhere there’s a computer, such as in the office, at home, in a coffee shop, airport, or at your friends’ home”.

The FreeAgent series of new products includes:

FreeAgent® | Go Drive
A pocket-sized storage drive that packs a punch—the Seagate FreeAgent Go drive is the slimmest external drive available today, compact, ships in four colour options (Red, Blue, Silver and Black) and has 250GB, 320GB and 500GB options. It’s now available in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

FreeAgent® | Dock and Case
Protection for those on the go and a dock station for convenient and quick access to your files, these accessories for the FreeAgent Go drive are sold separately. The dock and case is now available in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.

FreeAgent® | Desk Drive
This convenient desktop storage solution, Seagate FreeAgent Desk drive, is the perfect desktop companion for basic back up and security for all your digital files. This high-capacity USB 2.0 interfaced drive provides enough room to hold libraries of data. The FreeAgent Desk drive is now available in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific, with 500GB, 640GB, 1TB and 1.5TB available.

FreeAgent® | XTremeDrive
Designed for performance, especially for those who work with high-definition video and graphic files, the Seagate FreeAgent XTreme drive is the perfect fit. The FreeAgent XTreme drive delivers a 3GB per second transfer rate with the eSATA connection. This drive also includes FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 connection options. The FreeAgent XTreme drive is available worldwide for 1TB and 1.5TB.

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