Jul 29, 2008

Seagate® FreeAgent™ Go Portable Hard Drive Chosen As Digital Storage Solution By Leading Design Guru

Seagate (NYSE: STX), the world’s leading storage solutions provider, announced today that its stylish FreeAgent™ Go portable hard drive has been chosen by an iconic Taiwan designer – Vincent Cheng - to record, save and share all his digital ideas, inspiration and creations during his visit to the Milan Furniture Fair 2008. Artists, business professionals, consumers and even design gurus like Vincent Cheng are discovering that the Seagate® FreeAgent™ Go hard drive is an ideal solution to store, access and manage important files and digital content wherever they go.

The introduction of Seagate’s FreeAgent Go portable hard drive has revolutionized the way working professionals and the average computer users connect, manage and access their digital content with its versatility, storage capacity, and accessibility. Vincent Cheng, a nationally recognized and respected Taiwanese designer known for his personal exhibitions and expertise in architectural design, has changed the way he stores and accesses his digital creations using the Seagate FreeAgent Go portable hard drive.

As Vincent Cheng travels around the world to visit international design exhibitions such as the Milan Furniture Fair, he relies on the Seagate FreeAgent Go hard drive as he creates, records and shares his digital ideas, images and inspiration on the road. Seagate’s FreeAgent Go hard drive, with a combination of functionality, usability and aesthetics, enables Cheng to save up to 250GB of digital content, and perform automatic routine backups on user specified files and folders with the integrated content management software. The sleek exterior of the Seagate FreeAgent Go hard drive not only speaks volumes about its style and sophistication, but also offers practicality in dissipating heat effectively to ensure reliable operation.

For graphic designers and publishers, digital storage capacity is critical to their work, as a single page of graphic design measuring 8.5 by 11 inches (US Letter) can easily exceed 100 megabytes in size, and the demand for space is even greater for three-dimensional graphics rendering. Not only do designers require enormous storage capacity to store their creations, they also need to maintain a digital library of reference materials.

Design master Vincent Cheng solves his need for storage capacity and portability with the Seagate FreeAgent Go hard drive, which has become an integral part of his creative process. Having studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Italy (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera), Cheng acquired the most innovative and enlightening concepts and ideas in fine arts and design, which he later introduced to the design community in Taiwan. Cheng soon earned prestigious status and respect for sparking a renaissance in the Taiwanese design community with inspirational ideas.

When Cheng takes his work on the road, as he often does, he always carries the Seagate FreeAgent Go hard drive to store and share his digital creations and inspirations. “When I was at the Milan Furniture Fair, I was busy taking countless photos,” remarks Cheng. “Since I brought the Seagate FreeAgent Go hard drive along with me, I did not have to worry about sacrificing extra photos due to insufficient digital storage. I felt confident about shooting as many photos as I wanted and I could have stayed for an entire month without worrying about storage capacity. Furthermore, with Seagate’s FreeAgent Go hard drive, I could take all my work with me on the road, connect it to any computer, Mac or PC, and have my personal digital library right there when I need it.”

“Seagate is known for delivering innovative and advanced storage solutions, and with a combination of functionality and style, Seagate FreeAgent hard drive solutions have dramatically changed how people store, access and share their digital content,” said Brian Wickman, Seagate executive director, Korea/Taiwan.

FreeAgent Go
Seagate FreeAgent Go hard drive storage solutions make anywhere-computing possible by putting your desktop in the palm of your hands. Unlike many portable storage solutions that merely store, protect or synchronize files between PCs, they give you the freedom to carry your computing environment with you – including Web favorites, passwords and settings, IM, email, contacts and digital files – without having to haul around your laptop or desktop PC. Simply plug a FreeAgent Go hard drive data mover into any Windows computer’s USB 2.0 port at work, the airport, a business center, a coffee shop, or a friend’s house so that you have your personal computing experience with you wherever you go.

For further information on Seagate’s FreeAgent family of storage solutions, you can log on to http://www.seagate.com/freeagent/.

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