Dec 11, 2007

Seagate® FreeAgent™ Solutions Enable Up-And-Coming Director to Create Quality Domestic Romantic Comedies

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Fledgling directors depend on the flexibility and portability of Seagate’s FreeAgent™ Go and FreeAgent™ Pro storage solutions to provide the capacity and ease of use they need to focus on directing their films. Due to the growing popularity of digitization and high-definition video in recent years, many directors have begun to adopt HD digital cameras in their film production. Since HD digital films do not require developing or printing, one of the major advantages is lower production cost. What they do require is massive storage space. For these directors that need a brand they can depend on, Seagate® products have become the digital storage solution of choice.

The market for domestically produced films is particularly vibrant this year, which is a positive trend for the local entertainment industry. Not only did “Spider Lilies” win the Teddy Award for the best feature film in the Rome Asian Film Festival, senior cameraman En Chen’s maiden work “Island Etude” also made a domestic box office record of over 312.5 thousand dollars. Not only that, Jay Chou’s “Secret” which he directed and starred in, became an acclaimed hit in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. “My DNA Says I Love You!” is another noteworthy romantic love comedy directed by up-and-coming female director Yun-Chan Lee and the film offers her unique interpretation of relationships between the two sexes in the new generation. With more and more promising directors on the scene, the new surge of creative energy is revitalizing a previously dormant domestic film market.

Director Yun-Chan Lee, who has recently finished filming her urban romantic comedy, said, “Adopting HD digital photography allows me to produce works in high resolution, which would appear to be more refined. On the other hand, it also requires larger storage space. With the storage solution I had in the past, there would be no way for me to keep all the footage I had to take in an entire day of shooting for any outdoor scene (including tidbits and NG shots). Sometimes I had no choice but to save the best parts and delete everything else. Seagate’s FreeAgent™ Pro solutions turned out to be of tremendous help to our work and with it, we no longer have to worry about storage space. Now we can shoot everything to our hearts’ content and then perform editing and other post production work.”

Known for her cinematic style of fusing reality and imagination, director Yun-Chan Lee also has a habit of recording interesting things she sees in her daily life, be it unusual people or incidents that she encounters abroad or unique local customs and cultures in rural areas. “I like to gather materials from my daily life; by adding elements of fantasy and creativity, I would have created a basic framework for a film,” she said. “Since I studied biology, I wanted to offer the audience a new perspective on romantic relationships by investigating the correlation between DNA and love between the sexes, and that is basically the origins of “My DNA Says I Love You!”

“And this is the reason why portable hard discs are very important to me, because they allow me to record my creative inspirations and thoughts anytime, anywhere. Seagate’s FreeAgent™ Go portable drive is just the product I need. It not only offers large storage capacity for me to store files of any type, but it also features a unique management software, which allows me to use any public computer (such as the workstations available in hotels’ business centers) to access my data. With FreeAgent™ Go portable drive, I no longer have to bring my laptop with me everywhere I go,” said Yun-Chan Lee “What’s more, using the operating environment on FreeAgent™ Go drives is just like using my own PC at home, and my operations will only be recorded on the FreeAgent™ Go drive without leaving any trace on the shared computer. For someone who travels abroad as often as I do, the FreeAgent™ Go solution is really convenient and offers a high level of security for personal data.”

“On top of that, another fact I love about FreeAgent™ series product is their stylish and compact designs. Most of the flash USB drives available in the market tend to be a little monotonous and boring in their designs, and this is where Seagate’s FreeAgent™ series standout; I like the orange color tone Seagate has chosen because it is unique and gives the product a truly energetic feel. Its glowing orange light gives me a warm feeling and has kept me company for countless nights of work. Having FreeAgent™ solutions around is just like having a good friend who keeps my spirits up,” Yun-Chan Lee added.

Brian Wickman, executive director, Taiwan and Korea, Seagate Technology, said, “With the dramatic increase of digital content in the present day, Seagate is committed to providing consumers with an easy and convenient solution for storage that will allow them to access data at any time or place while maintaining a high level of data security. Seagate’s FreeAgent™ series products are designed for optimal performance and with touches of fashionable style to offer consumers unbeatable digital content storage experience. We are confident that FreeAgent™ series products will become consumers’ best storage partners as they embrace the digital lifestyle.”

FreeAgent™ Pro
FreeAgent™ Pro storage solutions provide creative professionals and anyone who’s serious about their digital content the freedom to stay connected to it. They combine desktop and online solutions that let you access your content from anywhere and share it with anyone. FreeAgent™ Pro solutions provide an entirely new way to interact with and manage digital content, providing much more than just storage. In addition to the full suite of software tools, every FreeAgent™ Pro solutions includes access to your own private Seagate Internet Drive, an online service that provides a “24/7 ATM” to post, access and share your favorite files from anywhere using the Web. Access to the Seagate Internet Drive is password-protected, so people can safely provide access to their digital assets to friends and family.

FreeAgent™ Go
Designed for college students, mobile consumers and business professionals, the new Seagate FreeAgent™ Go product makes anywhere-computing possible by putting your desktop in the palm of your hands. Unlike many portable storage solutions that merely store, protect or synchronize files between PCs, they give you the freedom to carry your computing environment with you – including Web favorites, passwords and settings, IM, email, contacts and digital files – without having to haul around your laptop or desktop PC. Simply plug a FreeAgent™ Go data mover into any Windows computer’s USB 2.0 port at work, the airport, a business center, a coffee shop, or a friend’s house so that you have your personal computing experience with you wherever you go.

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