Jun 04, 2003

Alienware Deploys Seagate SATA In Award-Winning Systems

Alienware, a leading manufacturer of high performance computer gaming PC systems has chosen to arm its top-of-the-line gaming systems with Seagate's Serial ATA (SATA) Barracuda hard drives - the only native SATA hard drives available. Alienware indicated that Seagate's SATA drives are being rapidly adopted by PC game enthusiasts and other trendsetters.

Alienware's award-winning Area-51 is one of the first PCs to feature Seagate SATA hard drives along with Intel's new 875P chipset (code-named Canterwood) and a 3GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor. Alienware is a favored choice among hard-core gamers and leading PC game developers for system performance.

"Enthusiasts looking for the highest performance often combine Intel's latest processor and chipset technologies with fast storage technologies," said Bill Leszinske, Director of Desktop Chipset and Software Marketing, Intel. "Intel's latest Pentium 4 processors, with Hyper-Threading Technology, combined with our new 875P chipset, including integrated SATA and Intel RAID support, provides high performance and increased capabilities for extreme gaming solutions. An end user will want to use a fast SATA hard drive, such as the ones that Seagate provides, to complete their high performance gaming experience."

"Seagate's exclusive native SATA technology allows us to deliver a new level of storage performance," said Alienware Vice President of Marketing Kevin Wasielewski. "Our customers are choosing Seagate SATA drives and adding them to their Alienware system configurations to take advantage of the increase in data throughput."

Alienware's Pentium 4 processor based Area-51 system featuring Seagate SATA drives is being praised by the computer enthusiast press. CNET gave the Area-51 its Editor's Choice, saying with its "finely-tuned compilation of bleeding-edge components, the Area-51 is a hard-core gamer's dream machine." Smart Computing called it "a power user's dream."

According to ZDNet, the Editors' Choice award winning Area-51 system "boasted dual SATA 120GB Seagate hard drives, running through a new integrated RAID controller ... It has the perfect combination of high-end components ... Our reviewers liked it so much they recommend it not only to gamers, but to anyone who's interested in a top-of-the-line desktop."

"My jaw dropped," Smart Computing said. The Intel 875P chipset-based motherboard "includes SATA support, and Alienware took full advantage of that fact by including a pair of Seagate 120GB SATA hard drives in RAID configuration ... If you want the current best of everything, the Area-51 has it."

CPU Magazine said the Alienware Area-51 system, which earned a 5 out of 5 rating, "seared through our benchmarks like nobody's business (and) took full advantage of the mobo's (motherboard's) SATA support when it included twin Seagate 120GB SATA hard drives." In another article, CPU magazine exclusively gave Seagate's Barracuda SATA drive "top-of-the line bragging rights" in its "Guide to the Best Components Your Money Can Buy."

Seagate, Intel, and others have led the effort to develop SATA as the evolutionary replacement for Parallel ATA technology. SATA provides throughput of up to 150 Mbytes per second, and more intelligent data handling to take advantage of that maximum speed, for a very quick and responsive experience in extreme applications like gaming, home video editing and home network hubs.

SATA uses thinner, more flexible cables and lower pin counts, so it's simpler to route and install and allows better airflow in smaller PCs. It's easier to install and configure because it features hot plug capability and point-to-point connection from the drive to the host with no need for jumper settings. It also offers better data reliability with 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Checking protection on both command data and data on the bus.

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