Jun 08, 2004

Don't Kill a Healthy Drive

NORTHERN IRELAND - Seagate, recognized worldwide for the innovation and reliability of its hard disc drives, is launching a campaign in EMEA to promote awareness and usage of its SeaTools diagnostic software. SeaTools diagnoses the health of a disc drive in just a few minutes, works on all brands of disc drives, is easy to run and requires no technical knowledge on the part of the user. As well as testing the disc drive, SeaTools can also show where the real system problem lies.

SeaTools is available on a free CD-ROM or can be downloaded free at www.seatools.info/en/pr. Also available on this website is an online calculator which enables customers to calculate how much disc drive returns are costing them.

"We have found that one-in-three drives returned to Seagate is actually in perfect working order," said Guy Weavers, director of EMEA field applications engineering at Seagate. "This means that computer users and our distribution channel partners are unnecessarily wasting time and money - and losing data - by sending back drives that are not, in fact, faulty and that are not the cause of their system's problem. The system error may have been caused by a virus, a loose connector, a simple power spike or some other problem not related to the hard drive. Using SeaTools saves data, money and time by keeping healthy disc drives in users' systems."

"Research we have undertaken with a sample of our channel customers shows that the cost to them of returns of healthy drives can range from €28 per drive where there is no on-site service contract to as much as €122 where there is a high-level service contract requiring a same-day response," says Weavers. "These are considerable costs which using SeaTools can help to reduce."

Seagate's research also shows that customers who use SeaTools when diagnosing a system issue report that the drive is not at fault 45% of the time; 37% report that the operating system is the cause of the problem.

SeaTools is available in three versions:

* SeaTools Online - A browser based application that will check ATA, SATA, and SCSI hard drives without having to turn off the system. The online version is available in English, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

* SeaTools Desktop - Works with most ATA, SATA and SCSI drives in desktop systems and has a 98% accuracy rate. It creates a bootable CD-ROM and is available in English, German, French and Spanish.

* SeaTools Enterprise - Ideal for SCSI or Fibre Channel drives in servers and workstations. Tests multiple drives simultaneously and sequentially. This version does not test ATA or SATA. Available in English, German, French and Spanish.

Seagate will promote SeaTools with a campaign starting in late April that will include direct mail and online advertising.

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