Feb 13, 2004

Dun Huang's Cultural Heritage Preserved For Posterity With Seagate Disc Drives

In a marriage of artistry and cutting edge technology, the world-renowned Dun Huang Research Academy has chosen Seagate's high performance and reliable Barracuda 7200.7 disc drives to achieve the national initiative "digital storage of Chinese cultural treasures."

Situated in the far western reaches of China's Gansu province, the Academy is working against time and the natural elements to preserve the 45,000 square meter's fresco and over 2000 colored statues of the Dun Huang Mogao Caves' series of ancient Buddhist cave-shrines through digital photograph and videotapes. The Academy hopes to have the information accessible worldwide via the Internet, not only for scholars, but the general public as well.

"At first glance, one might not equate disc drives with the preservation of our Chinese heritage," said Teh Ban Seng, Seagate vice president of Asia Sales and Marketing. "It is a unique opportunity and a privilege for Seagate to work with Dun Huang Research Academy to supply them with storage technology for their important work. The preservation of the Mogao caves has become an international concern because it is part of our world heritage. We are proud to be able to play a contributing role in the preservation of this cultural treasure."

"Seagate's contribution to the country's effort to protect the Dun Huang Mogao Caves' cultural heritage commands our respect," said Mr. Li Zuiqiong, the vice president of the Dun Huang Research Academy, "China has a vision of The Great Culture - to integrate the entire nation's cultural and artistic resources through digital storage to accelerate the dissemination and innovation of the Chinese culture. The Mogao caves encompass all aspects of Chinese medieval society - such as religion, art, politics, economic, military affairs, culture, literature, language, music, dance, architecture and medical science. The rich culture and art enhance this national initiative. With Seagate's advanced storage technology, we are making significant inroads to preserving our historical and cultural assets for eternity!"

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