Mar 14, 2005

Hard Drive Leader Seagate Offers 100GB Notebook PC Hard Drive to Whitebook Builders in Australia

SINGAPORE - Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) announced today whitebook builders in Australia can now purchase the newest member of its expanded line of notebook hard drives, the new Momentus 5400.2 hard drive, which has capacities up to 100GB and industry-leading areal density of 50GB per disc. Seagate has also announced the availability of a powerful new interactive online tool, which help partners easily develop plans to build and sell notebook PCs into a variety of market opportunities. Partners can also select and explore various vertical whitebook markets and learn how to benefit from the growth of each. The tool is available immediately at

Momentus 5400.2 is ideal for the whitebook segment, which is emerging as a new market among independent System Integrators. A whitebook is essentially a "bare bones" notebook computer, lacking only memory, hard drive and CPU. It's generic enough for System Integrators to customize and takes about 10 minutes to build, providing a simplified way for System Integrators to get into the notebook market.

Momentus 5400.2 hard drive is among the industry's first to offer a huge 100GB capacity and enhanced productivity with its 5,400-rpm spin speed, which delivers almost 50 percent more performance than 4,200-rpm drives. The 5400.2 has a battery consumption on par with traditional 4,200-rpm notebook drives, which allows users to work longer. With Seagate's G-Force Protection, Momentus' robust design and high resistance to 900Gs of non-operating shock, allow computer users to work in rugged operating environments. Momentus is also designed to maintain maximum performance longer when subjected to high levels of shock, and when vibration occurs in multi-drive environments such as entry-level server applications. Momentus is also the world's first notebook hard drive with an industry-leading five-year warranty for all units shipped through authorized distribution and retail channels.

"We see Seagate's partnerships in the notebook PC market growing with our expanding range of hard drive capacities and spin speeds," said Robert Yang, Seagate director of Sales & Marketing and General Manager for Australia. "Momentus 5400.2 is bringing unsurpassed technology and the highest product quality to system builders now, helping them deliver the most advanced and reliable notebook PCs to their customers."

"Seagate's Momentus 5400.2 is the answer for many of our customers who are looking for high performance notebook drive with a higher storage capacity," said Frank Sheu, managing director of Synnex Australia. "Seagate designed Momentus to maximize performance and minimize battery consumption. We expect 5,400-rpm and 7,200-rpm notebook hard drives to continue increasing in popularity among our customers, and we'll be selling more Seagate Momentus hard drives as a result."

"We are pleased with the results obtained from testing Seagate's Momentus drives on our notebook system," said Henry Lee, marketing manager of Optima Technology Solutions. "Enabling a whisper-quiet load/unload acoustics, Momentus notebook drives have exceeded our expectation by delivering the robustness and data integrity required to operate in rugged notebook operating environment. Seagate has once again demonstrated its industry leadership and contribution to the Australia whitebook market."

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