Nov 06, 1995

Leading Computer Industry Manufacturers Join Fibre Channel Loop Community As FC-AL Interface Standard Gains Widespread Support

The Fibre Channel Loop Community (FCLC) continues to attract leading computer industry manufacturers who are choosing to develop products that utilize the Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) serial storage interface standard. More than a dozen leading manufacturers have recently joined the FCLC including Digital, IBM*, Intel, Motorola, and National Semiconductor. The new companies enter into the ranks of such other well-known system, hard drive, adapter, and component manufacturers as Adaptec, BusLogic, Hewlett-Packard, Quantum Corporation, Seagate Technology, Silicon Graphics, and Sun Microsystems.

The growing list of FCLC member and observing companies includes: Adaptec Inc. Interphase
AMI* LSI Logic
AMP Inc. Motorola
Ancot Mylex
Box Hill Systems National Semiconductor
BusLogic Inc. Peer Protocols
CLARiiON Power I/O
Ciprico Q-Logic
Compaq Corporation Quantum Corporation
Conner Peripherals Seagate Technology, Inc.
Digital Equipment Corp. Silicon Graphics
DPT Sun Microsystems, Inc.
ENDL Associates Symbios Logic Inc.
Emulex Texas Instruments
Hewlett Packard Unisys
IBM* Vitesse
Intel Western Digital Corp.
* Observing company

With 37 affiliated companies, the FCLC has quickly become one of the largest and best-known serial interface groups in the computer industry.

"The increasing membership and interest in the Fibre Channel Loop Community (FCLC) reflects the industry's embracing of the Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop standard," said Mike Fitzpatrick, chairman of the Fibre Channel Loop Community and Product Marketing Manager at Seagate Technology. "The FCLC is a Special Working Interest Group under the auspices of the Fibre Channel Association (FCA)."

"FC-AL is clearly the most advanced technology for delivering high bandwidth and broad connectivity between storage devices and clients," continued Fitzpatrick. "FC-AL goes beyond the role of acting only as a storage interface by also offering networking capabilities, reaching all the way from servers to the desktop. With such a rich variety of topological implementations, FC-AL is able to provide cost-effective, 200 Mbyte/second interface performance with solid fault tolerance. Because of these numerous advantages, it is clear why so many companies are strongly supporting FC-AL--the momentum behind the standard continues to increase."

The goal of the FCA is to promote Fibre Channel as a standard that simultaneously provides a supporting infrastructure for both networking and I/O channel environments. The FCLC is committed to building awareness and understanding about the Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) serial interface standard, its technology, and related products. The group believes that FC-AL is the fastest, most flexible serial peripheral interface technology on the market today. The Community acts as a clearinghouse for the sharing of information regarding FC-AL and fosters FC-AL product development. As a part of the group's commitment to building awareness about FC-AL, the FCLC participates in technology conferences and special events, supports and trains educational providers and distributes FC-AL-related literature. The group is also involved in the creation and maintenance of an FC-AL vendor database and a presentation materials library.

The FCLC will host a technology suite throughout the week of November 13 during Fall COMDEX at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Room N218. The suite will feature multiple FC-AL demonstrations from various FCLC-member companies, along with UltraSCSI information, the bridging technology to serial interfaces. A private reception for the press is also scheduled for Sunday, November 12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. For more details regarding either event, please call Deborah Bancroft of Mesa Communications at (714) 260-3909.

Membership in the FCLC is available to all interested companies and educational institutions. The Fibre Channel Loop Community (FCLC) was formed in June of 1995 to promote and proliferate FC-AL technology and its applications. The FCLC supports the advancement of FC-AL technologies, fosters FC-AL interoperability and provides an industry forum for discussion of FC-AL integration and development issues. To receive membership, educational, and promotional materials, contact the FCLC at (408) 867-1385, or the FaxAccess system at (408) 741-1600. The FCLC can also be reached on the worldwide web at