Aug 16, 2006

Life Community Services Society Receives $30,000 in Child Assistance from Seagate Technology

Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX), the world's leading hard disc drive manufacturer, has donated $30,000 to fund the Life Community Services Society's (LCSS) Friends of Children program.

The program provides positive guidance and mentoring to help children with incarcerated parents cope emotionally, financially and academically. Under the program, the children's families are also given food rations and offered referral services for counseling.

"Many children, through no fault of their own, have fallen through society's cracks," said Teh Ban Seng, Seagate vice president and managing director for Asia Pacific Sales and Marketing. "This program provides a safety net to prevent them from falling further. LCSS has done a great job in meeting the emotional, financial and educational needs of these children, and Seagate is pleased to contribute to this important program."

Currently, 73 children and 42 families receive aid from LCSS, which aims to extend assistance to a total of 120 children and 80 families. Seagate's contribution will help support:

* The maintenance and administrative costs of full-time workers and counselors caring and supporting the families located across Singapore; and

* The provision of monthly food rations to all children in the program.

"Managing a non-profit organization is not a simple task," said James Wong, chief executive officer of LCSS. "While volunteers are willing to contribute in any way they can, the children have practical needs that cannot be met without spending a sufficient amount. With Seagate's additional funding, we are able to help more children and improve our services for them."

Seagate employees in Singapore have been actively involved with LCSS for the past year through a number of activities, including movie outings for the children and field trips to learn how to golf. Seagate employees also have volunteered to provide repair works and services to LCSS' student care centers in order to create a more conducive learning environment for the children.

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