Nov 01, 2004

LiteON IT Chooses Seagate Hard Drive for its Personal Video Recorder

As hard disc drives continue to speed up the rapid convergence between the computer and consumer worlds, Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) announced today that leading local consumer electronics manufacturer LiteON IT has selected Seagate consumer electronics (CE) hard drives for the new LiteON HDD & DVD recorder, the LVW-5045. The LiteON LVW-5045 is a feature-rich, stylish home entertainment device that consumers have been waiting for. Additionally, as one of the leading Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) in Taiwan, LiteON IT is also using Seagate CE drives as a key component for its assembly of consumer products for other CE companies in the region.

Seagate 160-Gbyte CE disc drives deliver the best combination of storage capacity, video performance, high reliability and quiet acoustics that enables the LVW-5045 to offer awesome features such as programmable recording from cable television, enhanced recording quality and up to 198 hours of recording time for TV shows. Seagate CE drive also provides the cache storage that allows programs to be archived to the recordable DVD discs, such as DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW discs.

"LiteON IT is pleased to team up with a global technology leader like Seagate to deliver leading-edge consumer products to the masses," said Peter Chiu, chief procurement officer of LiteON Group. "We fully recognize Seagate's technology and market leadership in the storage industry, which are key to helping us in the design and development of our hard drive-based consumer solutions and bringing our products to market faster. We continue to look forward to a lasting strategic relationship with Seagate."

"Seagate has worked closely with our product design team to test and develop our consumer products through its unique design processes and services - and meeting LiteON IT's requirements of high throughput for maximum-speed HDD-to-DVD dubbing as well as other important CE requirements like quality streaming and low acoustics," said Simon Teng, AVP of R&D Division of LiteON IT Corporation. "We are pleased to integrate Seagate best-in-class disc drives into our state-of-art products. Building on this successful relationship with Seagate, LiteON IT is providing technology that allows consumers to take their home entertainment systems to an even higher level."

"Seagate CE hard drives deliver the features CE manufacturers like LiteON IT need - quiet acoustics, efficient power use, high reliability and top video streaming performance," said Daven Chiang, general manager of Seagate Taiwan and director of Sales and Marketing. "LiteON IT's new product is the result of a successful technology and engineering collaboration, and is a clear reflection that through such collaboration, we continue to deliver leading-edge technologies that advance the world of digital home entertainment."

Seagate is the hard drive company committed to provide consumer electronics manufacturers with a comprehensive alliance - products, technology and services. Seagate's specialized CE hard drives and unique CE services provide storage for the new world of digital entertainment, enabling digital video recorders (DVR), video game consoles, audio jukeboxes, home media centers and networked entertainment systems.

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