Jul 20, 1999

MbTV Networks Adopts Seastream Recording Standard for Personalized Television

MbTV Networks, a leading developer of personalized television products, has announced that it is utilizing the SeaStream ™ open standard created by Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) in its new MbTV ™ software suite. MbTV ™ software is created for use in consumer electronics devices, enabling these products to learn viewers' television viewing tastes, create viewer profiles, and deliver television content tailored to the preferences of the viewer. SeaStream technology is integrated into MbTV in order to control the disc drive recording device, optimizing the delivery of video streams and managing acoustic and power levels.

Hard disc drives in home electronics can deliver entirely new levels of ease-of-use to the consumer. Much of the difficult configuration and management required by such home electronics as VCRs is automated through products using SeaStream-enabled hard drives to record programming. Viewers also benefit when using home electronics with SeaStream technology by being able to simultaneously manage multiple streams of audio, video, and Internet content as well as adapt the operating characteristics of the home entertainment device to its environment. A single SeaStream-enabled home entertainment device could simultaneously record several channels of television programming, play a movie, download CD-quality music from the Internet, and host a game of "Star Wars™ Episode I Racer" on a video game console.

"Seagate's SeaStream architecture is key in addressing the rapid convergence of various forms of media (Internet, TV, etc) and validates our approach to the market," said Andy Fischer, Director of Marketing at MbTV Networks. "There is tremendous interest among consumer electronics companies to develop digital VCRs and other advanced set-top box products. Seagate's focus on mass storage solutions for consumer applications, and MbTV Networks' focus on personalizing television experiences, will hasten broad adoption of these client devices."

"The MbTV software is just the kind of application that can spur a wealth of new home entertainment products," said Robert Teal, vice president of Seagate's Consumer Solutions Group. "The adoption of SeaStream technology in their software opens a wide range of new capabilities, which ultimately allows MbTV-enabled products to automatically deliver television content specifically tailored to a viewer's interests."

MbTV products are available for OEM integration now, with more services scheduled for availability starting next year. Seagate storage products with SeaStream technology are currently shipping to developers and are scheduled for widespread availability later in 1999.

All Seagate storage products are "Year 2000"-compliant.


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