Jan 07, 2003

Medion Relies On Seagate's U Series X Drives For The MDS4000FH Digital Satellite Receiver

Seagate Technology will supply the hard disc drives for the new Medion MDS4000FH. The MDS4000FH is a combination of a digital satellite receiver and a VCR featuring Seagate's 20 Gigabyte U Series X, a hard drive designed specifically for the needs of non-traditional markets. The MDS4000FH is set to receive all free to air channels and allows for up to 24 hours of recording in digital quality. The new combo-appliance is easy to use thanks to its self explanatory on screen display (OSD). It will be available from December 10, 2002, in selected Aldi stores for a recommended retail price of EUR 250.

Medion chose the Seagate U Series X hard drive to enable a long list of standard video record and playback functions such as play, pause, slow motion, repeat, random select, search, skip and single image. The U Series X will also allow for some extraordinary features: for instance, the hard drive will have sufficient capacity to record a total of 24 hours in DVD-like quality. Furthermore, the VCR can visibly fast forward and rewind in 4x, 8x or 16x of the regular speed. U Series X hard drives enable the VCR to record while playing other programs. The product also enables time-shift-functionality. This is a particularly appealing function because it enables the user to interrupt an ongoing program - for instance to answer the phone - without missing anything.

"We are extremely happy to equip the Medion MDS4000FH with the Seagate U Series X hard drives", explains Christian Eigen, board member at Medion. "Seagate is an ideal choice because it combines high quality standards with brilliant technology. The Seagate hard drive really makes this appliance exceptional because it provides a unique price-performance ratio and superb acoustics."

"Medion has an extremely successful record of introducing new products and will certainly help us extend our leadership presence in the consumer electronics market," said Don Kennedy, Seagate's vice president of sales and marketing in EMEA. "The Seagate-Medion relationship makes the MDS4000FH a quality device which is fascinating and affordable at the same time."

Seagate developed U Series X using Six Sigma design processes, enabling the most cost-effective design ever, with features customers would expect from a more expensive drive. Thanks to Seagate's SoftSonic fluid dynamic bearing motor, it has low acoustic emissions of only 2.6 bels. This is particularly important in a device that will sit in a consumer's home. It resists 350 Gs shock for the best durability in its class, and provides 5,400-rpm performance for caching, gaming, and common office applications. Its thin profile helps customers cool their products more efficiently, and its 33 percent lower mass compared to other 3.5-inch drives cuts shipping costs for distribution customers.

U Series X is protected by the 3D Defense System, including SeaTools Suite diagnostic software for better product reliability in the field, fewer product returns, and lower total costs for Seagate customers.

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