May 08, 2000

Metabyte Networks Demonstrates Seagate SeaStream Enabled Personal Video Recorder (PVR) with Powerful New Features

NEW ORLEANS - Metabyte Networks, Inc. and Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE: SEG) today demonstrate powerful new Personal Video Recorder (PVR) features by combining Metabyte's MbTV™ software suite with Seagate's exclusive SeaStream™ A/V streaming technology in Seagate U Series consumer disc drives. MbTV brings a new intelligence to personalized television by automatically learning television-watching preferences and creating personalized viewer profiles, giving TV viewers quick, easy, private access to the increasing amount of information available to them. SeaStream, integrated with Metabyte's MbTV software suite, controls the PVR's disc drive recording device, optimizing the delivery of video streams and managing acoustic and power levels. Seagate has a minority investment in Metabyte Networks, and in July 1999 the companies announced the development of MbTV-enabled PVR products using SeaStream technology for mass storage. The demonstration can be viewed in Metabyte Networks booth #5675 at NCTA Cable 2000.

Metabyte's MbTV technology is unique in several ways. It is totally automatic. It learns viewers' television-watching preferences without any user intervention and then creates personalized profiles (MbTV Thumbprints™) that enable a variety of services. The artificial intelligence built into MbTV recognizes individual viewers in a household without requiring them to log in. It recommends, records, and deletes programs based on viewers' preferences. MbTV's architecture is based on filtering relevant content into a home from a mass broadcast. It is fully effective on a one way broadcast stream and integrates with the existing infrastructure. MbTV protects viewers' privacy because it does not require any data to be transmitted from the viewers' home. MbTV does not require any monthly subscription.

Manu Mehta, president, CEO of Metabyte said, "Seagate's leadership in the development of disc drives and technology for consumer applications has been tremendously valuable in promoting the broad adoption of hard discs in set-top boxes and consumer devices. The SeaStream technology and our strategic partnership with Seagate have enabled us to advance our objective of giving viewers quick, easy and private access to the increasing volumes of information available to them."

Richard Johnson, Seagate vice president, Consumer Solutions added, "Our partnership with Metabyte Networks takes consumer electronic devices like PVRs to a higher level of intelligence and gives consumers products and services that are convenient and easy to use. MbTV makes personal television a source of useful information and enjoyable entertainment for today's busy TV viewers."

"New PVR functions based on a preference engine such as this have the ability to fundamentally change the way viewers watch and use television, and the potential to open up new markets for television content service providers and consumer electronics entrepreneurs," said Larry Gerbrandt, senior analyst and senior vice president of Paul Kagan Associates, Inc., a leading Carmel, Calif. based media research and consulting firm. "This is a new era for television and this kind of technology gives consumer electronics providers the opportunity to offer consumers exciting new services."

MbTV supports Seagate's SeaStream technology, which enables optimal delivery of video streams and enables hard drive-based home electronics to tackle such key matters as lowered acoustics and power consumption. SeaStream enables disc drives to deliver a compatible data transfer rate required for audio/video programming on television sets, stereo systems, and other home entertainment devices, while ensuring the data integrity needed to record Internet content or other computer data. SeaStream adjusts on-the-fly for both kinds of information streams, allowing recording devices to provide A/V and Internet-based content from the same disc drive. With SeaStream, a family could potentially record two television programs, watch a movie, listen to a favorite musical, play a car racing game and browse the web simultaneously, all from the same home entertainment storage device.

Seagate is the world leader in storage for PVRs, with shipments far exceeding those of all other storage vendors combined. Seagate U Series disc drives provide the critical technology that enables PVRs to pause, rewind and play back live TV programming. PVRs let viewers personalize their TV experience by automatically recording favorite programming to be viewed when, where and how they want it. Seagate consumer electronics disc drives are engineered to provide the sustained data transfer rates required of A/V electronics, and focus on the key features that enable hard drive-based home electronics, such as lowered acoustics, reduced power consumption and longer life.

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) is a leading provider of technology and products enabling people to store, access, and manage information. The Company is committed to providing best-in-class products to help people get information when, where and how they want it. Seagate is the world's largest manufacturer of disc drives, magnetic discs and read-write heads, an innovator in tape drives, and a leading developer of Enterprise Information Management software. Seagate can be found around the globe and at For automated news, stock and financial information by phone, dial toll-free 877-SEG-NYSE. Outside the U.S. and Canada, dial 760-704-4368.

Metabyte Networks, Inc. is a Personal TV company whose mission is to manage convergence to fit lifestyle. Its unique MbTV technology requires no behavior modification on the part of the consumer and totally protects consumers' privacy. MbTV integrates with the existing infrastructure and its business model complements, not competes, with the business models of the consumer electronics companies, cable/satellite system operators, broadcasters and advertisers. The MbTV architecture is designed to integrate with all leading interactive television operating systems and middleware. Investors in Metabyte Networks are THOMSON multimedia, and Seagate Technology. Metabyte Networks is a core member of the TV-Anytime forum. Additional information on Metabyte Networks is available at

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