Jan 17, 2001

Movies and Video Stream Better Than Ever on Seagate Disc Drives with New "V" Optimized Code

Having friends in Hollywood has its advantages, and Seagate Technology is leveraging its position as the entertainment industry's leading disc drive supplier to deliver higher-performance storage technology.

Seagate today announced the addition of exclusive new "V" optimized code on its large-cache Cheetah and Barracuda disc drives. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of professionals working with digital media, "V" optimized code allows 16-Mbyte cache-equipped disc drives to go to the next level of performance by minimizing the fluctuations that can occur when reading or writing bandwidth-intensive data such as digital video. The results? Large uncompressed video files can be stored, retrieved, and edited without fear of dropouts, screen freezes or data loss, delivering the most professional and highest quality results available today.

Leading makers of high-performance direct and network-attached storage solutions for the digital media markets are hailing Seagate's "V" optimized code as a welcome storage technology breakthrough. "The film and video industry professionals who Seagate and Ciprico work with need high-speed storage solutions that can deliver information in real-time. They also require the peace of mind that their work is captured and delivered with the highest levels of quality and integrity possible," said Ciprico President and CEO Robert H. Kill. "To those working with digital media, the end result of their work is a direct reflection of their own talents and abilities. They require solutions with no faults or errors and Seagate drives configured with 'V' optimization are an example of that 'no compromise' approach."

"As digital content continues to proliferate, the ability to keep data moving at faster rates with greater consistency is increasingly important," said Brian Dexheimer, executive vice president, Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Customer Service at Seagate Technology. "We're teaming with leaders in the movie, music and video industries to deliver the types of storage products that meet their stringent requirements in developing and delivering digital content. 'V' optimized code is the latest example of a technology breakthrough that Seagate is proud to have delivered."

"As a leader in state-of-the-art visual effects and digital imaging for the film industry, Cinesite is committed to staying on the cutting-edge of technology by using the best tools available," said Dan Rosen, CTO of Cinesite. "Full-scale movie productions are bandwidth-intensive and require storage solutions that are fast, reliable, and offer the highest quality possible without errors. Ciprico's solutions that incorporate Seagate's disc drives with 'V' optimized code are critical tools for Cinesite."

Popular models featuring "V" optimized code include the 73.4-Gbyte Cheetah 73, the 36-Gbyte Cheetah 36LP, the 18-Gbyte Cheetah 36LP, and the recently announced 180-Gbyte Barracuda 180.

By having the fastest seek times in the industry as well as the highest non-operating shock rating for added robustness, Seagate disc drives dominate both the server and A/V and multimedia markets. "V" optimized code now makes them even better. For more information about Seagate's entire family of enterprise products, visit www.seagate.com.

About Ciprico
Ciprico designs, manufactures and markets high-performance direct-attached and networked storage solutions, including intelligent disk array hardware, software and services. Ciprico storage solutions are designed for visual computing applications ranging from high-speed image data capture, through processing and analysis, to real-time playback at sustained performance levels. Ciprico is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. More information about Ciprico is available on the World Wide Web at www.ciprico.com.

About Cinesite
Founded in 1992, Cinesite, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastman Kodak, is a full service digital studio with facilities in Hollywood and London. Cinesite is a leading edge provider of 3D and 2D effects, film scanning and recording, digital mastering/digital intermediate, film restoration and asset protection services for the motion picture, television and large format film industries. Cinesite has recently completed work on Thirteen Days, O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Traffic, and last year on Proof of Life, Red Planet, The 6th Day, X-Men, U-571, M:I-2, Erin Brockovich and Wonder Boys. For more information: www.cinesite.com

About Seagate
Seagate is the world's leading provider of Internet Infrastructure storage technology. The Company's products include disc drives for Enterprise applications, PCs and Consumer Electronics, Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions and Server Appliances. Seagate's market leadership is based on delivering award-winning products, customer support and reliability to meet the world's growing demand for information storage. Seagate can be found around the globe and at www.seagate.com.