Sep 09, 2004

NTU Students' Creative and Innovative Ideas Impress Data Storage Industry

Instead of looking at an advertisement for a brand new car in a magazine, imagine receiving a hologram of the car instead. One which you can view in its actual size and the colour of your choice, right in the comfort of your room.

If a group of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students have their way, the day will soon come when we can store images, text and sound not just in an analogue medium, digitally and even in nano form but also in holographs as well. A holograph device will enable us to store, retrieve and transmit the holograms, radically changing the way we manage data now.

This and some 50 other innovative and fascinating data storage ideas make up the entries for a data storage competition organized by NTU's School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) and A*STAR's Data Storage Institute. Seagate Technology International sponsored all the prizes.

Called "Storage Unlimited in Consumer Electronics", this is the first such data storage competition, for novel design concepts of storage devices or applications, organized by a local university and a research institute and supported by industry. The competition requires entries with storage ideas that are creative, useful and with market potential. Participants were free to propose any devices or applications related to consumer electronics.

Deputy President of NTU and Dean of EEE, Prof Er Meng Hwa enthused, "The competition provides an excellent opportunity for our students to exercise their creativity and innovation to propose new ideas and solutions for the data storage industry. It is a wonderful way to nurture talented manpower for the high tech industry."

Some of the creative and innovative ideas submitted for the competition will be pursued further as research projects or final-year projects at NTU. A range of research options at NTU, such as the university-wide Undergraduate Research Experience on Campus (URECA), create a conducive environment and provide the resources for students to conduct and explore innovative research ideas.

Even in their conceptual stages, the entries have so impressed DSI and Seagate Technology International that DSI has committed to engaging the top three winners of the competition for an attachment with the institute while Seagate Technology has expressed interest in sponsoring future data storage competitions. Both are interested in making this competition a regular affair based just on the strength of entries received for the inaugural competition.

Says Prof Chong Tow Chong, Executive Director of the DSI, "With the rate information is created every second, and the resulting need for low-cost, small-form and portable storage, the competition allows for fresh, out-of-the-box ideas from our youth on how and where data storage can take place. They are the ones who have yet to be bound by perceived constraints that so often stymied the adults to think beyond the thinkable. Indeed, the quality of many of the entries in this competition is excellent."

Says Mr Jim Chirico, senior vice president and general manager of Seagate's Asia operations, "This competition is an excellent example of how Seagate can collaborate with government agencies and academic institutions to promote local creative talent. The emphasis of this competition is to come up with practical innovations and solutions that will benefit the storage industry in the long run."

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