Jan 27, 1997

New Medalist Pro Disc Drive Raises Desktop Capacity, Performance Levels for Seagate

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) today announced an addition to its award-winning Medalist Pro product line of 3.5-inch, ATA-interface hard disc drives, setting new standards of desktop capacity and performance for Seagate. Featuring 6.4 Gbytes of capacity, the Medalist Pro 6450 is an exceptional match for today's sophisticated technology-rich PC and desktop workstations utilizing multimedia, 3D animation, digital video cameras, and Intel's new MMXt chip which enhances graphics capabilities.

"As new innovations like MMX and digital video cameras become standard in many PCs, the need for more storage continues to increase," said Phil Detwiler, senior vice president of Marketing at Seagate. "Running parallel to the need for more storage is the expectation that disc drive performance will continue to increase, boosting access to data-intensive files created by these types of innovations. The Medalist Pro 6450 provides the capacity and performance to satisfy users ranging from small-office, home-office (SOHO) to corporate workstation to even the most demanding technology enthusiast."

At 6.4 Gbytes, the Medalist Pro 6450 (ST36450A) is Seagate's highest-capacity ATA-interface drive to date. In addition, Seagate is introducing a second offering in the Medalist Pro 6450 family: the 5-Gbyte Medalist Pro 5040 (ST35040A). Both drives utilize magneto-resistive heads, enabling Seagate to achieve higher areal densities, and partial response-maximum likelihood (PRML) read channel technology for faster throughput during read/write operations. The Medalist Pro 6450 and 5040 are equipped with a spacious 512 K cache, twice as large as similar drives in their class, giving these drives the ability to load more bytes of data than ever before from the hard disc to memory. Featuring a rapid 9.5 millisecond seek time, 116 Mbit/second internal data transfer rate and 5,400-rpm, the Medalist Pro 6450 and Medalist Pro 5040 are excellent contenders for desktop computer users seeking storage solutions that support the latest advancements in personal computing.

In addition to its high capacity and exceptional performance, the Medalist Pro 6450 family is further distinguished by an industry-leading 30 dBA idle acoustic rating for whisper-quiet operation. Since the Medalist Pro 6450 and Medalist Pro 5040 utilize the same drive electronics as successful Medalist Pro predecessors, customers who want to add 5-Gbyte or 6.4-Gbyte capacity points to their existing product lines can expect easy qualification and installation.

To simplify the process of installing or upgrading to a new Medalist 6450 or Medalist Pro 5040 drive, Seagate is bundling the drives sold through both distribution and retail channels with the company's exclusive DiscWizardt installation and partitioning software. DiscWizard is a menu-driven, graphics-based Windows and Windows 95 program that analyzes the user's existing system configuration and provides step-by-step instructions for easy installation. DiscWizard also formats and partitions high-capacity drives, offers advanced partitioning options for maximizing storage efficiency, and automatically detects and overcomes BIOS system limitations that can occur in some computer systems.

The Medalist Pro 6450 and Medalist Pro 5040 specify a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rating of 500,000 hours, and come with a standard three-year limited warranty. Both drives are scheduled for production this calendar quarter.

Seagate Technology is a data technology company that provides products for storing, managing and accessing digital information on the world's computer and data communications systems. Seagate, at $8.6 billion in revenue for its fiscal year ended June 28, 1996, is the largest independent disc drive and components company in the world. Seagate's home page address on the World Wide Web is http://www.seagate.com.

Editor's Note: Seagate's Medalist and Medalist Pro product lines of disc drives have won numerous industry accolades for performance, reliability and value. These awards include, but are not limited to, the following:

Best Buy/Top 50 Products, December 1996 Editors' Choice, August 1996
Reader's Choice: Product of the Year, June 1996
Windows Sources Editors' Choice, May 1996
HomePC Top 100 Products, April 1996 Best Product of the Year, March 1996
Micro PC (Finland) Best in Test, December 1995
PC/Computing 1994 Reader's Choice Award, February 1994

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