Aug 04, 1999

PC Computing Hails Seagate's Barracuda 50 Disc Drive with a Five-Star Rating

PC Computing, a leader in authoritative coverage of computer industry trends and technologies, has hailed Seagate Technology, Inc.'s (NYSE:SEG) Barracuda 50 disc drive as one of its five-star products, the highest rating possible, and the highest-capacity hard drive on the planet. Dubbed "the biggest fish in the storage sea," the Barracuda 50 is celebrated in this month's issue for its ultra-high capacity and performance. The storage capacity and performance of the Barracuda 50 benefits users needing the most in storage and performance value, including enterprise server applications and non-linear video editing.

"Seagate's 50 Gbyte Barracuda makes all other hard drives seem like sardines," raves Martin Sargent, Assistant Editor of PC Computing's Features, in the review. "The Barracuda 50 is as fast as it is big (in capacity)...Seagate has meticulously improved on the Barracuda for five generations."

The Barracuda 50 continues to be a top choice among leading OEM partners integrating the drive for its performance and storage capabilities. Seagate has recently debuted a new, complimentary feature in all Barracuda 50 disc drives called "36XP (eXtra Performance) mode." Under the "36XP mode," the drive mimics the capacity of a 36-Gbyte disc drive while providing even greater performance, with average seek times touching as low as 6.1 msec. Under the 36XP mode, the Barracuda 50 operates as the world's fastest-seeking 7,200-rpm disc drive.

"EMC recognizes Seagate's role as a premier provider of high-capacity disk drives", said Gerry McAndrews, EMC's Vice President of Device Technology. "Seagate has been a valued partner supporting EMC's Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems. When these systems are integrated with our market leading software products and world-class service, EMC is uniquely able to provide the Enterprise Storage Network solutions and resulting business benefits that customers require."

"The Barracuda 50 has given us the differentiation we need to open new markets for our MAGNITUDE Centralized Storage System" said Philip Soran, President and CEO of XIOtech Corporation. "The Barracuda 50 has given us time to market and price/performance advantages in the Data Storage markets. The integration of the Barracuda 50 into our product was a simple task since we have been using previous generations of Seagate's Barracuda and Cheetah drives."

Seagate's Barracuda 50 disc drive is currently shipping with both the Ultra2 SCSI and Fibre Channel interface. Street prices for the Barracuda 50 currently typically range between $1,200 and $1,500, depending on configuration.


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