Jul 25, 2003

Penang Seagate Encourages Academic Excellence With Special Awards For Education

Penang Seagate's Vice President and General Manager of Operations, John Marshall said that special awards ranging from RM100 - RM500 were given out to 37 children of Seagate employees who obtained good academic results. Thirty-three children won the Education Excellence Award while four won the Education Assistance Award.

"Education is a tool which shapes the leaders of the future and Penang Seagate feels very strongly about supporting and encouraging the pursuit of academic excellence," said Marshall.

"This award is an important recognition program that Penang Seagate has in place to help employees' whose children are in Standard One to Upper Six," added Marshall. "We hope to give more incentives and awards so that more children will benefit and be encouraged to excel academically."

"Even in today's fast-paced business environment, Penang Seagate strongly encourages a well-balanced lifestyle," Marshall added. "We want to provide our employees with opportunities to enjoy family, health, education and other things which improve the quality the life. Apart from recognizing employees' children, this event also allows some family time together."

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