Mar 25, 2003

Prudentialife Looks To Seagate Technology For Its Critical Storage Needs

SINGAPORE - Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX), the world's leading disc drive supplier, continues to demonstrate the reliability and market leadership that lead large storage users like Prudentialife, one of the Philippines largest financial services and pre-need (insurance) providers, to demand Seagate's best-in-class disc drives to address their critical storage requirements.

To meet the needs of their business, which includes volumes of client information and transactions stored up to 20-50 years, Prudentialife relies on network storage appliances from Hypertech that feature the storage capacity, reliability and performance of Seagate hard disc drives.

"Prudentialife requires the best combination of reliability and performance, and when we tested the capabilities of the new storage systems we were impressed that it was 100% faster and has a greater capacity compared to our previous system," said Aly L. Reyes, Prudentialife first vice president for Alternative Marketing, who personally believes in the power of Seagate hard discs.

Presently, the Company's IT architecture includes everything from proprietary mini systems to Unix-based servers and PC-based LANs, spread across various locations and connected via optic fiber or Internet protocol (IP).

"Today, Prudentialife's system can attribute its improvement to the Seagate disc drives' speed, reliability and integrity in handling critical data," Reyes added. "I would suggest to people in corporate IT, that when they assess their IT needs, they should assess the name Seagate, because the technological advancement seen in Seagate drives is often not yet seen in other brands," Reyes revealed. "With Seagate, you can never go wrong."

"As a global storage technology leader, Seagate continues to deliver best-in-class products to customers around the globe," said Robert Yang, Seagate general manager of South Asia Sales and marketing. "Prudentialife's reliance on Seagate to store, access and manage their critical data is indicative of our commitment to customer success."

About Prudential
In the spirit of making a change, Prudentialife was established in 1978 to offer Pre-Need Products that cater to the needs of the Filipino Family. Over the years, Prudentialife has expanded its range of services in the areas of financial services, memorialization, travel and leisure, real estate and information technology. With over 24 billion in assets, 1,000 employees and 30,000 salespeople nationwide, Prudentialife continuous to provide excellent pre-need and financial services to every Filipino Family by utilizing its resources through innovative marketing and excellent customer service.

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