Nov 16, 1998

Quinta Corporation Demonstrates Revolutionary Optically Assisted Winchester Technology Designed to Push Back the Superparamagnetic Effect

Quinta Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG), today demonstrated publicly for the first time, its revolutionary magnetic recording architecture called Optically Assisted Winchester (OAW) technology. OAW architecture holds great promise in taking disc drives beyond the superparamagnetic effect, the theoretical areal density limit of traditional magnetic recording technology currently believed to be at 20-40 Gbits/in2. This is the equivalent of digitally storing over 45 copies of the 32-volume Encyclopedia Britannica in the space of a postage stamp.

Quinta just last February disclosed the key elements of the Optically Assisted Winchester (OAW) architecture and how it works. These elements include multi-platter capability, an advanced light delivery system, a unique miniature flying optical head design, a micromachined (MEMS)-based fine servo system, ultra-high coercivity media on a preformatted plastic substrate and dynamic load and unload ramp.

The technology demonstration was unveiled at COMDEX/Fall '98 in Las Vegas, Nevada by Seagate president and chief executive officer Stephen J. Luczo and Quinta vice president of product development, Dr. Joseph E. Davis. The demonstration device, a 5.25", half-height, 6 platter, 12 head disc drive, running at 4500 RPM with a 10 msec seek time, has an areal density capability of 3-4 Gbits/in2, the equivalent of 4.0 to 5.4 Gbytes per platter for a 3.5" disc drive.

"The Optically Assisted Winchester technology demonstration marks the beginning of a new era in magnetic recording," Luczo said. "Today, Seagate celebrates the past 100 years of magnetic recording, and its contributions to that lineage by demonstrating technologies that will shape the next 100 years. With Seagate's emphasis on technology staging with the new Seagate Research Center, Seagate's Advanced Concepts Labs, and Quinta Corporation, Seagate is well positioned to be the first to develop and deliver key technologies to lead information-centric computing into the next century."

Quinta/Seagate Demonstrate Revolutionary OAW Technology 2-2-2

"Quinta's OAW architecture brings together many technologies that, when working together, can provide areal densities that are an order of magnitude greater than what we can do today," Davis added. "However, independently those same technologies may be useful in current traditional magnetic recording devices today. With our recent integration into Seagate's product development cycle, Quinta has the opportunity to transfer staged technologies to Seagate as the market demands them. This advantage is key to Seagate's objective to be first to introduce and deliver leading technology and products to its customers."

Quinta is demonstrating its OAW technology all week in the Seagate product suite, room N245, in the Las Vegas Convention Center at COMDEX/Fall '98. For information about Seagate Technology, visit

Quinta Corporation is a leading developer of advanced optical data storage technologies. With facilities in San Jose, California, and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and designated as Seagate's Optical Technology Center, Quinta has a state-of-the-art research and development facilities. With over 200 employees that have over 2,500 years of data storage experience combined in magnetic recording, photonics, microelectromechanical systems, and other key technologies, Quinta is a premiere technology company in the data storage industry.

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