Aug 05, 2002

SONICblue Chooses Seagate Hard Drives For RioCentral Advanced Digital Audio Center

Seagate announced today that SONICblue Incorporated(tm) (Nasdaq: SBLU) has chosen Seagate hard drives for its RioCentral(tm) - a revolutionary home stereo component that lets consumers instantly store, organize and access their entire personal CD and digital music collections. The RioCentral delivers superb digital sound quality through existing home stereo systems, and functions as an all-in-one music center, including the ability to download music to portable Rio(r) players or play music on companion Rio Receivers spread throughout the home. Since shipping the first hard drive for Consumer Electronics devices in 1997, Seagate has become a leading storage choice among Consumer Electronics innovators like SONICblue.

"As simple to use as a CD player, but as smart as a PC, RioCentral uses a Seagate hard drive to store up to 650 CDs in an easy-to-use stereo component," said Greg Ballard, executive vice president of marketing and product management, SONICblue.

"SONICblue is well-known for its innovation in new entertainment technology, and Seagate's goal is to help our partners continue to push technology boundaries in the home audio market," said Brian Dexheimer, Seagate executive vice president, Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. "RioCentral exploits Seagate's hard drives in new ways - supporting networking and downloading music to additional components - and is one of the only solutions available with sound quality that meets the expectations of home audio enthusiasts."

Engineered to the highest standards, the RioCentral has been named as an Innovations 2002 design honoree by the Consumer Electronics Association. RioCentral's powerful Seagate hard drive lets consumers:

* Store up to 650 CDs.

* Catalogue CDs as they are recorded to the hard drive. Artist, album, song title, and other relevant information is assigned to each file to make future searches quick and easy.

* Move your MP3 music collection off of the PC and into the living room (through a network connection or via a USB transfer of MP3's from your PC to your RioCentral).

* Play from the hard drive any number of customized playlists based on personal style, taste, or mood. Or, you can let the RioCentral determine what you want to hear based on your listening habits.

* Find the music you want instantly with RioCentral's intuitive interface and advanced search features.

* Download music to Rio portables via convenient USB ports.

* Stream music to one or more Rio Receivers.

* Move music to standard audio CDs or MP3 data CDs using the integrated CD-RW drive.

* Encode music at up to 320 kbps for high-performance digital sound quality. Optional, lower bitrate encoding for downloading to portables.

With Seagate drives, consumers today have unprecedented control of their media sources. Seagate drives help people control TV content with Personal Video Recorders, music in digital jukeboxes, and the immersive game experiences of hard drive-enabled game consoles like Xbox.

Seagate is the only drive maker with dedicated labs to help Consumer Electronics device makers design their products. Seagate's unique Design Service Centers (DSC) for Consumer Electronics in the US and Singapore offer a variety of services, including testing, integration and mechanical analysis, to help customers design, innovate and deliver new hard drive-capable entertainment devices.

SONICblue is a leader in the converging Internet, digital media, entertainment and consumer electronics markets. Working with partners that include some of the biggest brands in consumer electronics, SONICblue creates and markets products that let consumers enjoy all the benefits of a digital home and connected lifestyle. SONICblue holds significant financial assets, global marketing capabilities and a focused technology portfolio that includes Rio(r) digital audio players; ReplayTV(r) personal television technology and software solutions; and Go-Video(r) integrated DVD+VCRs, Dual-Deck(tm) VCRs, and digital home theater systems.

Seagate is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of hard disc drives for Enterprise, PC and Consumer Electronics applications. The Company is committed to delivering award-winning products, customer support and reliability, to meet the world's growing demand for information storage. Seagate can be found around the globe and at

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