Nov 12, 2003

SVA Choose Seagate CE Drives For Its Digital Set-Top Box

BEIJING - Seagate Technology (NYSE:STX) announced today that its technology leadership in Consumer Electronics (CE) hard drives continues to provide the foundation of its successful partnerships with leading CE manufacturers like SVA in the CE arena. A major CE player in the growing China CE market, SVA looks to Seagate's leading edge storage products to drive its innovative home entertainment digital set-top boxes. The built-in Seagate hard drive provides the capacity and performance that enables advanced features such as customized programming, simultaneous video streaming, fast-forward, rewind, record, store and playback TV entertainment, and Internet access to video and audio broadcasting, gaming and email.

Seagate CE drives deliver the features CE manufacturers seek most - quiet acoustics, high reliability and top streaming performance. As the first to implement new industry-standard time-limited commands, Seagate's CE drives are optimized for the sequential work of streaming continuous A/V files. Seagate CE drives' power management technology uses less peak power at startup than other drives in their class, and Seagate 3.5-inch CE drives are the world's quietest, for pure audio enjoyment with virtually no discernible operating sound.

"In designing and making our digital set-top boxes, we needed reliable storage technology as the backbone to support and enable the innovative features that come with our state-of-art products," said Shen Yunli, deputy chief engineer of SVA. "We selected Seagate's hard drive because it provides the best combination of reliability, capacity and acoustics that meets the storage requirements of our products. Seagate consumer electronics engineers have also done a great job in helping us solve HDD integration issues, enabling a smooth qualification process and strengthening a successful technology partnership between the two companies for the benefit of the CE market."

"Seagate is pleased to provide the disc drive technology in SVA's innovative digital set-top boxes," said Teh Ban Seng, Seagate vice president and managing director of Asia Sales and Marketing. "This is a major recognition of Seagate strengths as a technology leader in the CE HDD market. As we step up our presence as a storage provider in the home, we will continue to develop and advance the technology and know-how that helps CE manufacturers deliver new and different kinds of entertainment devices for the consumer market."

Seagate is the only hard drive company to provide consumer electronics manufacturers with a comprehensive alliance - products, technology and services. Seagate Design Service Centers (DSC) continue the Company's leadership in helping CE manufacturers optimize their mechanical, electronic, and software environments to take better advantage of the hard drive. DSC services increase reliability, speed time-to-market, and decrease development costs.

Seagate's specialized CE hard drives and unique CE services provide storage for the new world of digital entertainment, enabling personal video recorders (PVR), video game consoles, audio jukeboxes, home media centres and networked entertainment systems.

About SVA
SVA Group is a leading information products manufacturer and services supplier in electronic and information industry in China. Under the group, there are four major business groups, namely: broadband value-added services, information products manufacturing, photoelectric displaying devices and overseas affairs. They provide customers with network accessing services, telecom value-added services; home appliances like analog/digital televisions (including CRT, PDP, LCD and DLP TVs), digital video disc players, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.; CRT, vacuum fluoro monitors, LCD monitors (including modules), PDP monitors, vehicle lamps, lighting products and components, etc. SVA's goal is to provide continuously advanced electronic products and information services to the society for civilization and progress of the world.

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