Sep 28, 1999

Seagate's Increasing Activity in Emerging Storage Markets Leads to Tom Mulvaney's Appointment as Senior Vice President, Internet Solutions

With growing opportunities for Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) to extend its presence in emerging, Internet-related storage markets, Tom Mulvaney has transitioned to the role of senior vice president, Internet Solutions. In this position, Mulvaney strengthens and integrates the Company's Intelligent Storage Platforms and Consumer Solutions groups into a core team that comprises Seagate's new Internet Solutions Group. This group evaluates and develops storage products and services aimed at emerging opportunities to store, access, and manage Internet-related information in both the home and office. Mulvaney previously held the position of senior vice president, general counsel, and secretary.

"Tom demonstrates a dynamic ability to develop key business strategies, rapidly execute to those strategies and effectively deliver top results," said Steve Luczo, Seagate president and chief executive officer. "Mulvaney's background in the digital storage and electronics industries-as well as in mergers and acquisitions-makes him a key asset in further advancing our Internet Solutions Group to deliver the most strategic product and service offerings available."

"There is an increasing association between consumer- and office-based storage and the need for Internet-focused products and services," said Mulvaney. "Our position in Internet, television, A/V and interface technology provides a springboard for development that touches everywhere from the home to the Enterprise, and our new organization structure leverages our strengths."

Seagate announced the Intelligent Storage Platforms and Consumer Solutions groups earlier this year with the charter to develop innovative storage solutions that touch the Enterprise, workgroup, and home. The teams' combined efforts, now found in the Internet Solutions Group, are responsible for establishing the SeaStream™ industry-standard interface for digital A/V in the home and the introduction of one the industry's first Jini™-compatible disc drives.

In his new role, Tom Mulvaney will report directly to Steve Luczo. Mulvaney was appointed senior vice president, general counsel, and secretary in February 1996. Mulvaney joined Seagate from his role as vice president, general counsel, and secretary at Conner Peripherals. He joined Conner from VLSI Technology, Inc., where he served as vice president, general counsel, and secretary and held responsibility for legal, human resources, corporate communications, and facilities. His career also includes senior executive positions with CP National Corporation.


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