Dec 03, 2001

Seagate's Latest Barracuda SCSI Drive Bites Into the Storage Market; Exclusively for Resellers, Distributors, System Integrators and VARs

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Seagate today announced its Barracuda 36ES2, an 18.4 Gbyte and 36.9 Gbyte entry-level SCSI disc drive offered exclusively to channel resellers, distributors, system integrators, and VARs to meet the unique needs of their customers. The Barracuda 36ES2 is ideally suited for use in entry-level workstations and server systems, or for upgrading existing SCSI products and systems that require the scalability, performance, and backward compatibility that only SCSI provides. The Barracuda 36ES2's advanced drive design blends the best technologies from both Seagate's top ATA and SCSI drive families to provide an unbeatable combination of price/performance value. The Barracuda 36ES2, unveiled today at CMP's Tech Builder Xchange, will ship in volume during the first quarter of 2002.

"For Bell Microproduct's customers that require cost-effective storage solutions that are both rugged in design as well as provide a high level of data integrity, the Barracuda 36ES2 is a compelling choice," said Tammi Roberts, director of marketing at Bell Microproducts. "For some of our largest customers such as Xerox, having legacy SCSI support that is unique to the Barracuda 36ES2 is critical since many customers often demand longer life cycles. For these reasons, Bell Microproducts enjoyed great success with sales of Seagate's first-generation Barracuda 36ES into key accounts and looks forward to continuing that success with the Barracuda 36ES2."

"Seagate recognized the unique needs of the channel, where system flexibility, data reliability and customer support are required at competitive price points," said Sherman Black, vice president, Business Development, Enterprise and Personal Storage at Seagate Technology. "The Barracuda 36ES2 meets these needs with its field-proven reliable design, as well as having the backing that comes from Seagate, recently singled-out as the number one disc drive company by the readers of VARBusiness magazine."

Details About the Barracuda 36ES2
The Barracuda 36ES2 is the latest to join Seagate's Barracuda SCSI family, now in its eighth generation of 7,200-rpm designs that have performed in multidrive environments ranging from high performance desktop PCs, workstations and entry-level servers. Fewer mechanical parts and the highest areal density available in its class make the Barracuda 36ES2 ideal for a wide range of entry-level SCSI applications that demand quiet acoustics, ruggedness, reliable operation and performance.

The Barracuda 36ES2 will be available in an Ultra160 SCSI interface as well as a single-ended Narrow SCSI interface that offers better legacy system support. A low acoustic rating of 2.0 bels and 350 G's non-op shock ensure that the Barracuda 36ES2 is both quiet and rugged. The SoftSonic FDB motor and "sound barrier technology" create idle acoustics inaudible to the human ear. The inclusion of Barracuda ATA IV's 3D Defense System technologies contributes to the toughness of the drive.

The Seagate Advantage - 3D Defense System
Drive Defense includes Seagate's G-Force Protection system, SeaShield, and SeaShell. G-Force Protection is a system approach to designing major drive components - motor, heads, head-arm, clamp, and discs - to be less susceptible to shock events. Incorporation of Seagate's unique SeaShield adds additional acoustic-quieting enhancements as well as protection against circuit damage from poor handling or installation. Additionally, all Seagate drives are shipped in the unique SeaShell. SeaShell is a shock-ribbed, transparent enclosure that limits a drive's exposure to electro-static-discharge (ESD) and also protects against external shocks and stress. Tested by major OEMs, SeaShell reduces the force of a 12-inch drop by a factor of 10 over standard ESD packaging.

Data Defense features ensure maximum data integrity, making it possible to avoid data loss while running system applications. Data Defense includes Seagate's exclusive Advanced Multidrive System (SAMS), Error Correction Code (ECC), Safe Sparing and End-to-End Data Path Protection.

Diagnostic Defense includes SeaTools, Web-Based Tools, and Drive Self Test utilities that analyze system events in order to assist the user to diagnose or predict potential malfunctions.

The Barracuda 36ES2 will be available in both 18.4 Gbyte and 36.9 Gbyte capacities. Suggested Retail Prices (SRP) for single evaluation units start at $215 and $350 respectively. Actual street prices will vary, and will be determined by Seagate authorized resellers. The Barracuda 36ES2 will be in volume production during the first quarter of 2002 with limited customer evaluation units available this month.

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