Apr 07, 1999

Seagate's Latest Cheetah and Barracuda Drives Garner Best-in-Class Recognition from Leading Publications

Seagate Technology, Inc.'s (NYSE:SEG) latest generation of Cheetah and Barracuda disc drives have quickly become the favorites of PC/Computing and Computer Reseller News during recent hard drive comparisons. The Cheetah 18LP and Barracuda 50 have been selected by each respective publication from broad competitive fields as the models offering the best in value, performance, and capacity. System manufacturers and VARs benefit from the award-winning innovation and technology Seagate integrates by being able to deliver to their customers greater IOPS (I/O per second), capacity, and system reliability through the use of these drives.

"Computer Reseller Newsand PC/Computingare two of the technology industry's most trusted voices, relied upon by millions of readers and our customers," said Don Kelly, Seagate's senior vice president of High-Performance Product Planning and Marketing. "The recognition and attention that these publications bring to Seagate's Cheetah and Barracuda product families underscores Seagate's strength in technological innovation, product development, and customer satisfaction. The real winner continues to be our customer base, those who rely on Seagate products each day to deliver the performance, reliability, and capacity needed for their ever-growing storage needs."

Computer Reseller News picked the Barracuda 50 as the top high-capacity drive for resellers in its March 15 edition. "It was a no-brainer handing Seagate the Editors' Choice award," stated Computer Reseller Newseditors. " For those who recall when 50 Mbytes was astonishing, this drive will leave you speechless. Seagate, which won the CRN Test Center's Ultra SCSI hard-disk drive roundup last year, really delivers with this one."

PC/Computing's analysis of the Cheetah 18LP was equally positive. "Of the three new network drives we tested the Cheetah is the clear winner. The Seagate Cheetah is the fastest hard drive on the planetIn our tests, Seagate's 10,000 RPM 18GB Cheetah outpaced the new (12,000 RPM) Hitachi Dk3E1T."

Seagate's Cheetah 18LP and Barracuda 50 are currently being qualified at several leading OEMs. The products are also available through participating Seagate distributors.

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