Mar 22, 2000

Seagate's New DiscWizard is First Installation Software for Both SCSI and ATA Disc Drives

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE:SEG) today introduced a new, enhanced version of its award-winning DiscWizard hard drive installation software, greatly expanding the software's power and unique capabilities. The new DiscWizard is the first software able to install both SCSI and ATA disc drives, and is the first true 32-bit installation software provided with new drives. It offers breakthrough ease-of-use with a new Installation Wizard user interface, 3D color graphics, a new interactive HTML custom installation manual, very fast partitioning and formatting, and enhanced user-friendly integration of important features like FileCopy and CD Update. Greater program intelligence enables DiscWizard to better predict the most appropriate installation for each user. DiscWizard is available at no charge to Seagate customers.

Seagate continues to lead the market in innovations that enhance the value of its products to end users, said John Donovan, vice president at TrendFocus, a leading data storage market research firm. Over the past few years, Seagate has been alone in bringing unique features like SeaShield, SeaShell and SeaTools to market. The new DiscWizard, as the industry's first 32-bit drive installation utility for both SCSI and ATA drives, clearly helps users more easily take advantage of today's storage upgrade opportunities.

Named in 1997, 1998 and 1999 by PC World as the best installation software for disc drives, DiscWizard provides PC users with an easy, GUI-driven solution for installing, formatting, and partitioning hard disc drives. Seagate takes the prize for best software, said PC World in October, 1999. Its Windows-based DiscWizard is a pleasure to use, and it's the only one here that analyzes your current setup, asks you what you want to install, then tells you exactly what to do next, using helpful graphics and animation. It also produces a step-by-step installation checklist that is customized to your particular setup.

The new DiscWizard helps PC users easily add high-capacity ATA and SCSI disc drives for today's exploding audio/visual and Internet applications. Drive installation is more automated than ever, taking the burden off of the user. Guided by a simple Installation Wizard, the user selects the way in which they want the drive to be set up, and DiscWizard takes care of the rest through an automated process. The software's increased artificial intelligence now recognizes a vast array of hardware configurations, and provides specific feedback to users whose systems may have external storage devices, drives with hidden partitions, missing host adapters and other non-standard situations. DiscWizard's advanced partitioning features intuitively guide the user through a refreshingly simple, graphical program, eliminating the need for BIOS upgrades or complicated documentation. The new BootWizard offers more flexibility in booting and testing new hard drives, in addition to expanded floppy boot protection.

Seagate's exclusive SeaTools diagnostic software is also accessible through the DiscWizard interface. SeaTools lets network administrators, helpdesk technicians and even PC newbies diagnose a disc drive when having issues with a system. A system issue may be caused by a number of factors unrelated to the disc drive, such as operating system problems and corrupted files. By positively identifying whether a drive has failed, SeaTools saves customers from unnecessarily removing the drive, speeding the diagnosis of true system issues. SeaTools is the storage industry's first diagnostic product to support Drive Self-Test (DST) the industry-standard test firmware now built into virtually every desktop drive. It's also the only diagnostic tool to support both Seagate drives and competitors' drives.

The new DiscWizard makes drive installation faster and easier than ever, said Billy Rudock, senior engineer, Seagate Technical Support. With the availability of sub-$700 systems, the number of novice users has grown dramatically. Our new DiscWizard solution brings system disc drive upgrades to a new level of ease-of-use.

Bundled with all Seagate ATA interface disc drives sold through the distribution channel, the DiscWizard program suite contains the following utilities: DiscWizard Application, DiscWizard Installer/Uninstaller, DiscWizard File Copy (for migrating files between drives), DiscWizard CD-Update (for updating CD-ROM drive letter designations), and Disk Manager. (to partition and manage data on single drives in new systems). The new DiscWizard will also be available for download at

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